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I ordered a doll for my daughter for her birthday. It was supposed to arrive 10/23 after I didn't receive it I called.

I was told by someone (non-English) that it was lost and they would refund my $. The refund would come to me within 7-14 days. I went ahead and re0rdered on 11/7 and it still has not shipped. I called once again and spoke with someone who once again, did not speak very good English.

She couldn't understand my problem. I asked for a supervisor and then was hung up on. Why am I having to deal with foreign people who can't understand me or resolve my issues and why am I having so much trouble getting my shipment?

I am appalled that Target is not using Americans who speak English to be their cust serv. I am going to Wal Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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In case you haven't heard everyone is outsourcing their call centers to India. The labor is cheaper there and they can save a few dollars.

The stupidity of the whole thing is that as each job sent to India, one American loses theirs.

Eventually there won't be anyone living here that can afford to purchase their products. Target had better be building a bunch of stores in India so the folks in India can purchase their products and support the company.


Did it ever occur to you that these people might be in America and be citizens. Depending on the part of the country that they grew up they could have a really pronounced accent, that is from certain parts of America.

There have been times when I have been in a store and waiting for a cab, and would get to visiting with somebody and they would have a really distinct accent and would be hard to understand. Some people that have come here from other countries speak good English, but still have an accent from their home country.

Just because you have a hard time understanding somebody doesn't mean that they aren't American. I am 72 years old, born and raised in SD, have a college education, but do have a speech impediment and have actually been hired as a telemarketer and people didn't seem to have a problem understanding me.

to Joan Nashville, Tennessee, United States #661592

I don't care if they are American or not. The problem lies within the fact that WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND THEM AND THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND US!

It is a customer service oriented job and we as consumers/customers.... need resolution to our issues and if we can't be understood how in the world do we get that resolution? So no dig on their character, just saying they don't need to be working in a call center.

It is a fact America outsources these jobs to other countries. So, whatever the case, it's bad business!

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