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on 6/15/13 I bought a walk thru gate and got it home to set up only to find out it was too short. I choose to exchange it later that day at a different store because I had an errand to run that way and didn't feel like going 30 minutes out of my way.

I got to the store in Aurora, CO on Ellsworth and was told I can't do a same day return to a different location I have to drive 30 minutes to the other store. I asked the employee "Armon" why the inconvenience, I'm at this store now and I refuse to drive out of my way to get a new gate. He stated it was company policy and refused my request to speak to a manager. He handed me my receipt and told me to come back tomorrow and he'd be more than willing to help me out then.

Talk about customer service a**.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Leesburg, Florida, United States #665126

Store/company policy is store/company policy. We are just associates.

Our jobs are to make sure the policies are followed. Don't like the policies, take it up with corporate. No I don't work for Target, but I do work in retail. Although, my store doesn't have this ridiculous policy.

However, sometimes customers need to understand it's out of our hands. We're paid to do our jobs..

to anonymous #672199

Not so with Target (supposedly). Target gives their "associates" a pretty large degree of power to make these kinds of judgment calls.

They will tell you (in the office) to error on the side of the customer. Some of the low and mid level supervisors are idiots and have power issues though.

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