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At Target in Bakersfield, CA: Last Sunday I went to buy a gift for my grandson for his birthday, on sale for $30. I went to two different Target stores where they did not have the item on their shelves.

I asked for a rain check and then found out that the item was only available online for $10 more than the sale price! I ordered it and between the higher price, shipping and taxes, I paid $50!!! I went to Target today and asked for a price adjustment, either money back or the amount back onto my debit card. The manager informed me that since the item numbers did not match that they could not offer me an adjustment.

Another lady came then and informed me that rain checks are also not valid for ordering online and that was why they could not give me an adjustment. So, which excuse was it???? Any way, I left angry and I am not going to shop at Target any more.

They find any way they can to over charge people and they are getting away with it! They could learn something from Kohl's!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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You knew it would cost more to buy this item online with the cost of shipping, etc. So, you took on that cost, and now you want your money back?

I don't get how that makes any sense. Couldn't you have found what you wanted at another chain, or Meijer, Walmart, etc.

Is your grandchild even going to remember in a month that you bought him this item?


Previously NARC YOU OUT - I have become aware that someone has stolen my screen name and is spreading lies about my position regarding Target. I am writing one last time as Narc you out to reiterate my position - Target is unscrupulous and the public needs to be warned.

The only difference is that as of 9/2/11 I will post these comments anonymously, just like the little thief is doing. It will be incumbant upon the thief(s) and liar(s) to decide which posting is mine.

If they are too cowardly to stand up and be heard, then the scales are equal. We can all be anonymous.



Way to go, Nana. Post complaints on as many sites as you can and spread the word to as many people as you encounter.

The more of us that complain, the more people will be cautious about using Target as a viable shopping source. Although it's true that Target is a huge corporation, so are all of the other shopping sources we deal with on a daily basis. Hopefully, the growing discontented which are growing rapidly will be able to derail profits at this instituion.

Since you are a grandmother of two, tell their mum and continue that process through as many friends and acquaintances as you can. I certainly do that and have many, many other folks who have made Target as big as it is ready to reverse that progress.


Perhaps sites like these will warn enough people to stay away from dealing with any Target store. Remember, Target wouldn't exist without customers.

I am hoping sites like this one will turn the faucet of money down so low, the corporation will not be able to sustain itself in today's economy.

Hang in there and let everyone you meet know how you were treated. Bigger corporations have fallen than this one because of consumer discontent!


Typical overly delicate whining American...whine, whine, Target employee will loose any sleep over you not shopping there anymore. Target is a corporation hence you do not have the power to affect their market share. Point being, nobody cares if you don't shop at Target anymore.


Target doesnt match its online prices. if you had the receipt from the online item, you can return it in store for what you paid for it.

I did not assume an instore rain check would work online. That was not in the equation for me.

Just the fact that they listed the item I wanted to buy on sale for $30, but it was really an online only purchase (that cost me $50 just was "come in and let us rip you off advertising". :?
I did not assume anything! That makes an *** out of you and me!! :(

There are a hundred reasons why you won't (and shouldn't) receive a price adjustment. You own assumptions and lack of common sense are the 2 reasons I would have given you.


Why would you assume an in-store raincheck would be valid for an online purchase, especially if it's listed as a different price?

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