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I was waiting in line while 3 cashiers had to handle 1 ladies return. I went to exchange a product that was still sealed but had expired by 4 days. I also had the receipt . When they pointed out the return policy I thought to my self SO! Anyway I didn't want to deal with the manager in returns so I asked to speak to the store manager. I simply was better off speaking to the janitor. It didn't matter, they didn't care. So I went home and called corporate they didn't care either. Each one repeated their ridiculous return policy, like I care.

I'm in retail also so we always bend the rules for our customers. So what I did was everything that I had purchased in the passed 90 days , unused with receipt including my husband. I returned them

and that was the best feeling ever. It all came to $2690. So I just went back to Walmart and repurchased everything from there. I will never shop there and I'm going to Target tomorrow with my mother in law so she can make some returns. All this because of $53.00 can you believe it !

Monetary Loss: $53.

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First Born Triplet

As bad as your attitude is if you used your head you would have bought the same food on that day and returned the expired food claiming that you bought it recently.


You sound like you are four years old. Next time you return within the time frame.

Someone needs to arrest your husband, he is a child molester if he has a relationship with a four year old such as yourself. You had plenty of time to eat the food, and obviously if it expired four days ago and the return policy is 90 days than you bought the food before it was expired so you have no right returning it.


You said: "I'm in retail also so we always bend the rules for our customers."

So if you always bend the rules ( I doubt that statement) for your customers why have rules at all?

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #27915

Hey kid, just because you did not use the expired product and kept it for 90 days does not mean they have to bend over backwards for you. If you can't read the back of a receipt get your parents to do so.

That way yo would hot have had this problem. Also get them to teach you not to ignore policies.

Saint Paris, Ohio, United States #7328

this *** store sucks so many *** balls its not even funny the store is ball sucking target dont suck balls ther

Bridgeport, Michigan, United States #3288

I agree Target does suck, I have had many problems with the store in Bismarck ND... I dont get it, is it the management or policy ????

RUDE employees and managers...

I will not shop at the one in Bismarck ND anymore... Thats BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA !!!!!!!!!!

Crescent City, California, United States #2414

They have a policy. You chose to ignore it.

Whose fault?

Oh, yeah. YOURS.

Carson, California, United States #2316

Doesn't spending $3K in 90 days deserve some respect and appreciation for your business? Yes, policies are there for a reason, but so is the concept of customer service. I would not blame the people working in the store, they just aren't empowered to make a basic business decision to make an exception and take something back 3 days late.

First Born Triplet
to sophie #887871

It was less that 3K which is probably an exgariation anyways and it was four days.

Carlsbad, California, United States #2304

I agree with all of the above. And I Have one question: What did you mean about returning your husband?

You wrotee: "So what I did was everything that I had purchased in the passed 90 days , unused with receipt including my HUSBAND."

Anyhoo you need to get a grip.

Like Keri stated here, it's customers like you who make a lot of us loose faith in our fellow humans. Get a grip and pay attention.

Brea, California, United States #2263

so what took you 94 days to return the item??!

You do know that is says the expiration date on the top of the receipt and says that it expires after 90 days on the back of the receipt.

Read the fine print.

Delta Junction, Alaska, United States #1873

i agree, even if your retail store bends the rules it doesn't mean that everyones is. Read the policy, be informed before you make the purchase.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1868
Keri sweetheart,
You obviously missed that I myself work retail, exchanges I would hope that you know aren't uncommon in this industry even beyond what the receipt says. This topic has nothing to do with the universe.

You are probably one of those associates that makes a customer feel bad for making a simple return. Do you work at Target
First Born Triplet
to sara #887873

Yeah because someone argues and says you are wrong they work at Target, I like it how people automatically assume this. 90 percent of the time it is because they know they were in the wrong and cannot argue fairly.

York, Alabama, United States #1867

Customers like you are the reason why working retail made me lose faith in humanity. Stores have return policies for a reason.

Next time, read the policy before you buy something you might have to return. And try to realize the world doesn't revolve around you and your needs.

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