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An employee was terminated because a *** customer thought she had more money available on a gift card. When the card was thrown away, the customer believed the employee had taken it to use for themself.

After the couple left the store they called and complained. Do you know that employees get terminated when they are accused of something at Target? I didn't know that! So any *** off the street can come in and accuse an employee of something they didn't do and get someone fired because that's Target's policy!

That's some serios B.S. Hello!

Maybe you should be responsible for yourself and pay attention to how much money you have available on that gift card you ***! Good job Target at being so "friendly." Now you will loose a bunch of good employees because of you're *** corporate B.S.!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Employee theft, according to a hand book, is immediate termination. It means taking part in an unlawful activity.


I can agree Target company is no angel. For someone as myself have been with them for along time.

The ETL's are horrible they are lazy and dont provide a team work atomsphere.

And for those they dont like they cut hours their hours on hope they leave so they dont have to pay them unemployment. The ETL's are unprofessional have heard them actually placing beats on a team lead that may not have turned in their business walk on time.


"Another baseless rant about Target. It would appear to be part of a malevolent campaign to smear a good company."

I beg to differ.

Target is anything but a good company when it comes to the treatment of their employees.

I wouldn't be surprised if this post is actually true. I know first hand that level 1 (entry level) team members are mistreated badly by the abusive team leads (management).


That employee probably already had several strikes against them. I worked at Target for about 2 years and trust me, you have to do a lot more than that to be fired.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #278412

Obvious that Downwithcorporate is the fired employee.Fake/bogus rant for sure.So you got caught, then fired.Lucky you did not get arrested, ***!!!


Another baseless rant about Target. It would appear to be part of a malevolent campaign to smear a good company.

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