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Placed two orders from Target and they messed up on both. One was given a tracking number which was incorrect.

3 phone calls to Target found out it was shipped to warehouse in Texas not Michigan. Took 3 weeks to get money refunded. Next order scheduled for delivery December 19. After checking the tracking number was sent by an outside vendor by third class mail.

Post office said they had no idea when they would get to third class mail to delivery. It arrived late December 24, and I returned itmes to Target.

I order from 5 other on-line companies and none of them messed up the orders or were late in delivery. I will never used again.

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Hey Maggie Mae - The world's biggest suck fest is held daily at Target Customer Service. Whether on-line or in person, you are the guest of honor and Target will not disappointment you.

You will get the full sucky treatment whenever you deal with them! Put a Target on your back 'cause they're coming for you!

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