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my dad lives next to the target store in inver grove heights. He is paralyzed due to a stroke.

I used to take him to Wallmart to use the mobility carts when he lived by that store, he has now moved closer to Targer. One 3 of our 5 attempts to use the mobility carts at Target they have been "uncharged" because "somebody" didn't plug them in last night. NOT my problem. I have been met by rude indifference from store employees at both the IGH & West St Paul stores.

It is a HUGE disappointment for my Dad to not be able to shop when these carts are not charged up at Target. When he lived by Wallmart we never had a problem.

Shame on you Target for being so indifferent to the needs of the disabled.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Discrimination, Lack of communication.

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Seriously? Shouldn't he have a scooter of his own? Why blame Target when it's something HE should already have?

Hell, Michigan, United States #995089

If you need a motorized cart BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF. Target is not responsible for anyone's well being.

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States #994788

According to the American's with Disabilities Act, stores are not required to supply people with electric scooters.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #994593

Electronic scooters are supplied as a courtesy, it's not something you should rely on. If they are there and working, great.

If not you should have a backup. I know how it sucks to have a relative who had a stroke, my grandmother and grandfather both had strokes, but I never expected Target or Publix or anyone else to have ECVs when I have a wheelchair.

Orange, California, United States #994369

I know for sure you are a young child, two things show this. First your spelling and grammar, and second your mistaking being told something you don't want to hear as rudeness.

Are your parents divorced?

Because it should be up to your mother or another adult to take your dad around. They should not let a young child such as yourself take on this responsibility.


It isn't right for you to blame Target. The fault is yours, because if your Dad is legally/medically disabled and on medicare, medicare will buy him a power chair, scooter, or even a manual wheel chair.

He must have something like that at home IF he is paralyzed like you say he is, because he needs a way to get around at home. In order to get one of these devices from medicare your Dad will have to sit with his doctor for roughly an hour while the doctor fills out paper work for the required equipment.

IF your Dad's doctor isn't willing to fill out the paperwork, that means he doesn't think your Dad is so bad off that he can't get around on his own. Talk to your Dad's doctor about this, to find out what he thinks is necessary.

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