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I have tried many times while working and no working at target. The system they have set up is the worst.

Just today I tried webchat twice and called the 800 number they keep giving me many times. Just to be told they can't help me. I have a disabled girl and don't have the time for the runaround. I worked hard for the company and was never appreciated and this just makes me soooo happy I got rid of that place!

I will never go in there again and will keep telling everyone I know how terrible they are to their employees. The team member face is fake and I am very good at seeing right thru it!

Reason of review: Just about everything about the place.

Preferred solution: Make all uppers aware of Kearney Nebraska store and the website people that didn't want to help and just pass the buck!.

I didn't like: Employment and online services.

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So you are upset because you were not given special treatment just because you are disabled? Being disabled does not guarantee you special treatment.

to Anonymous #1135001

she said her daughter was disabled not her, genius.

to Anonymous #1135028

Either way genius she wants special attention like the person said because of the disability.

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