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I LOVE TARGET!!! Most of the time the workers are awesome!

Never have a problem. It's way better than walmart. I do NOT have a problem traveling an extra 15 miles to go to Target rather than going down the street to sucky walmart!!! Always have more than 2 registers open unlike Walmart.

They are fast, always have workers walking around asking if you need anything. TARGET is a dangerous place to go. I always leave there without getting what I came for because it is such a wonderful place.

I love the smell of popcorn. Sorry Target my kid always has to use the potty right after the bathrooms have been cleaned.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Merchandise, Great shopping selection, Clearance prices.

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First Born Triplet

I never have problems in stores or restaurants either. Then again I don't expect them to change their rules, or do something that is illegal that they are not allowed to do.

to First Born Triplet #1153983

I have had problems before with business, but in a time frame of 25 years I can only recall say seven or so issues with employees. Some people are just rude for no reason.

The people posting on here reviews some of them seem to have constant problems with employees, and perhaps it is because they don't feel like following rules, that they should be exempt from things, or they are trying to scam and get things for free. They say the customer is always right but in probably 99 percent of the time the customer is in the wrong.


This issue is so littered with errors.


You have to be kidding. My Target has 20 plus registers but rarely do they have more than 3 or 4 open.

Often there will be a group of "Team Menbers" standing around the registers shooting the breeze rather than opening another register and helping their "Guests". And why do they call their customers guests anyway. How do they treat you like a Guest? Have you ever been a guest at a friends home and been charged for a cup of coffee or a glass of pop?

Walmart always has more registers open plus a number of self service register to get you checked out quickly. I'll drive 5 miles past my local Target to get to was-mart any day.

to Anonymous #1142398

It must be her area, or perhaps she works for Target and is getting a bonus for posting this review?


How long have you been working for Target? I hope you get a few brownie points.


I have a feeling that this is either an employee of Target writign this or someone that got fired from Walmart.


If you enjoy shopping at place that treat their employees like slave labor TARGET is no doubt the place for you. Google target sucks and read how poorly they treat their workers.

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