I have a friend that works the early morning shift and goes in at around 4 AM. He says that to conserve on energy, Target shuts the ventilation system off until the store opens.

Meanwhile, the employees have to work in hot conditions and must breathe the fumes from the gas powered floor buffers. He says that many of the employees feel sick from this. It's not even summer yet. No one should have to work under these kinds of conditions especially with having to work for less than $8.00 an hour.

When I come in to shop in the morning, you can still smell the fumes and it is hot.

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Kaiser, Missouri, United States #19657

Target doesn't hire people under 16 years old and no one that young would be working at 4:00am. Speaking from experience, it must be that way in all Target stores. It's miserable before 8am when the store opens.

Robinsonville, Mississippi, United States #13497

I had an awful experience as a department manager at Target. I ran the Ladies and Mens Dept.

completely by myself. So, I had to merhandise, do planograms, adjacancies, clear out the fitting room, get returns, fold the tables, finger space all the racks, expected to run a register when they were short, and when it was my turn, supervise the other soflines departments! My store manager started to harrass me, basically-as hard as I worked, it was not good enough...like all the racks weren't finger spaced, and the adjacancy wasn' EXACTLY done acordinally to plan...close, but that did not matter, and he would not listen to why it was done that way-He just knew it wasn't exact-That's when I lost It!!

I couldn't

take the abuse any longer and quit that day! ABUSE-that's what it comes down to.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #13233

I bet the friend is under 14, you have to be 14 to post on this site. :D

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #12967

How old is your friend. Can't he/she speak for themselves.

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