Why would someone forge a post here, using my user name? More to the point why do we have several follow up posts? Did these user's not noticed the fake?

The forger has probably done their best work. They even copied my posting style for quoting other posters. That is in addition to forging my user name, of course!

Excessive use of the word "˜***', which I haven't used up until now, probably did them in. They lack imagination, or probably operate at a much younger age than their birth certificate would suggest.

Now who's the ***?

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #724966

YEAH!!! Don't you know how valuable LadyScot's time is? No wait, I mean Poster. Why would you waste his time (no wait, I mean Poster) with such tomfoolery? Yeah, I said it!!

Tomfoolery - that's what you engage in when you waste LadyScot's time. No wait, I mean Poster.

Stop it you Tomfools!!

Quit wasting his (no wait, I mean Poster) time FROM 2010!

Tampa, Florida, United States #724689

Hey 1d93e9c: who gives a *** and what does this have to do with Target? Someone forged your writing style? Seriously? LOL. Who the *** do you think you are, Shakespeare?

I've been weeding through posts looking for valuable info. Instead, I'm seeing "posters" bad mouthing each other.

Get on point or get lost; this isn't the forum. But you'll probably respond to my post because I have a sneaking suspicion your ego can't handle the criticism...

Now who's the ***? Really? Uh, that would be everyone who is posting bunch of *** to waste our time.

to Poster Chicago, Illinois, United States #922670

You're looking through a site called "pissed consumer" where people can write reviews that are fake... such as competitors, for reviews?

Because everything on the internet must be true!

You don't even have to register to write a review. This site is a joke, and so are you



“Well you are the one asking everyone for proof, yet you don't like when you are asked for proof.”

This forum allows any poster to use any name to post follow up comments. However, to start a new discussion thread does require a registered account. Al follow up messages to a given thread create an email notification to the poster’s email. This thread is mine, it is the only one I’ve created, and I do receive email each time a new follow up post is made.

I have no idea who posted in my name, how often they posted, or why. Someone other than me started the thread titled “Sick of rude customers”. And to do so they had to create a new account. Obviously, I’ve upset someone here


“Can you prove it is not you that is doing the impersonating or pretending you are being impersonated (sic)”

No I can’t. The site admin can, and if they did we’d all know who posted what and when.

If you have been reading my posts over the past year or so you will know that I’m not an angry person, I don’t insult people by calling them names, and I don’t use the word ‘***’. I do call out OPs and follow up posters in their attitude and abuse of TMs and I try to explain how Target operates its business (which is probably not very different to other retailers). Further, as I have worked for Target for sometime I have personal first hand knowledge of store operations and how the guests are treated. I have a reasonable understanding of what a guest can expect, and what motivates the ETLs to protect their jobs and advance their careers, which is not always in the best interest of the guest.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157416

Well you are the one asking everyone for proof, yet you don't like when you are asked for proof. I think it is you impersonating other's and pretending that other's are doing it to you. Can you prove it is not you that is doing the impersonating or pretending you are being impersonated becuse you refuse to admit you made a mistake and posted *** because you are angry.

to Irish #922831

This unfortunately often happens on this site. Someone makes a post, they post nasty things in anger.

Or they lie and tell another lie that countrdicts their first lie and claim someone is forging them ect. Who is the real immature person here I ask?



“May I help you find something what proof do you have that you work at Target?”

That’s a fair question. What proof do you need, and why?

Do any of the other regular posters (or those impersonating my user name) on this forum need to show proof of anything? What about you?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157157

May I help you find something what proof do you have that you work at Target?



"I do work at Target but I also work at WalMart on week-ends and Lowes at night."

I'd like to see some proof. What is store ID number of your Target? I'll look it up in 'workbench' next shift, and then we'll know whether to trust you or not.


It looks as if I've been busted by Wow. I do work at Target but I also work at WalMart on week-ends and Lowes at night. Yeahhh


Starlife you disagree with the OP, in your words this makes you a troll. Honestly you think your issue is more important.

They were probably trying to help her and sking work related questions in Spanish. Honestly you act ten everywhere you post.



“May I help you find something you are a target troll.”

According to Wikipedia: “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, […] with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.” Your comments fit that description much closer than mine!


May I help you find something works at Target. He seems to think he knows everything.

I have to agree with Cathy, there is no difference between calling someone a troll and calling someone a Bigot. Though starlife is a bigot.


Let's face it both of you are calling names. Starlife called May I help you find something a troll, and May I help you find something called Starlife a bigot.

Honestly starlife, if you are going to make comments with steryotypes people will call you bigot on it and May I help you find something. calling someone a "troll" is not name calling as much as calling someone bigot isn't name calling.



“This is America, these people need to learn English or go back to their original country.”

What an incredible lack of understanding. You are a bigot!


“Sick and tired of Hispanics taking over our country, commiting (sic) crimes and not speaking English.”

What exactly do you want? And what are you doing proactively to get it?


So you are resulting to name calling as well. You called me a bigot.

BTW, you are the troll. You go to every Target letter defending the company just for attention, or bashing the company, completely doing the exact opposite of the respond they want.



“May I help you find something. calling someone a "troll" is not name calling as much as calling someone bigot isn't name calling.”

Welcome to the discussion.

Bigot isn’t a name (unless you happen to be of French decent), it’s a state of being. ‘Troll’ is clearly a name calling, but it doesn’t remotely match my prior postings to this forum.



“too much crying on this site. get a legitimate complaint and stop whining.”


Isn’t this site for people to vent their frustrations by complaining?

Would you go into a restaurant and complain that people are just sitting around eating? Can you provide an example of a “legitimate complaint”; one that meets your expectations?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #155607

Quote =”Okay”

“Now it is obvious that May I Help You find Something is the person who is impersonating everyone.”

Prove it! I stopped posting days ago, but now I see posts in my own name, and my own account name that I did not write. Unfortunately, this forum has a number of ‘regular’ posters that have brought their personal squabbles here. Clearly, when they have nothing of value to add to the discussion they (including you) just post off topic.

Quote =”Okay”

“MIHYFS does not work for Target”

Prove it! You are welcome to contact the ETL-HR or ETL-SL at my current or former store; I’ve been a TM for over eighteen months, in two stores about thirty miles apart.

“he is merely a child whose parents use the internet as a babysitter”

Both my parents died years ago before the internet was created. I came to this country in 1979, and sadly I’ve watched it going down hill since. Pity. Good Bye Sweet America!


Your wife actually cried, how old is she nine? I doubt you have thousands of friends, and well you are just like every American, ungrateful, like to complain about things that go wrong, don't like to compliment when thing go right.

No wonder your wife cries like a little nine year old.

I bet you always insult her cooking and never thank her for the hard work she does so she felt like she failed you. Your fault not theirs.

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