So I have been a faithful customer of Target for 10+ years, but tonight the Pharmacy Pissed me off. They are now closing at 7pm rather than 9pm as before. Well some of us work evenings till 6pm and can't always be their by 7.

This is an inconvenience to say the least, so as it was getting close to 7 and my prescription was already filled and waiting to be picked up, I called to say I would be their at 7, and I need my prescription as I have just ran out that day, the lady on the phone didn't care a **** about me!

I made it through the rush hour traffic and ran all the way through the store to the pharmacy (in heals mind you). Arriving at the pharmacy at 7:00, on the store clock and on my cell phone, there was a lady finishing her purchase at the counter, and as I ask the Pharmacy for my prescription she said, I am closed and cannot help you. How rude to a long term customer or any customer for that fact! It would have taken her less than to minutes to reach over pick up my prescription, scan it and I would swip my card and be on my way.

But no instead of friendly caring customer service I had always received from another target Pharmacy across town, all I receive is an I can't help you, it is One minute after 7 now and I am closed. Well **** you Target. I have spent thousands of dollors at your stores, but no more, I will take my money and business else where, where people are treated as customers and not as a bother!!!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #162968

Let me get this straight. If you had been a new customer it would be okay to be treated rudely.

However because you are a long term customer that is not okay. Obviously they changed the hours for a reason. Did not get enough business after 7. Also they do work at Target, but the pharmacy pays for the space they use.

A private company. Also there is more to this story. Obviously they were rude to you and should not have been but maybe they were reflecting on your behavior. Also an ADULT, would have gotten her prescription refilled before the medication ran out, not at the last minute.

You are not a royal customer. A royal customer does not boycottt a company based on one bad experience. You are just a five year old thorowing a temper tantrum because you did not get your way. I very much doubt you have been a customer for ten years since your hehavior is less mature than a ten year olds.

You worked in customer service? Most likely you played "shop" with your little friends with monopoly money and the toy cash register your parents bought for you on your last birthday.


IF one sees the condition in which pharmacy staff work under, one would appreciate the other side.


They do have the worst pharmacy ever. I witnessed one woman recieiving the wrong perscription in a state that requires a consultation, they were too busy to do it, another employee happened to notice the customer had the wrong item only because she helped them when they came in...scary!

I question their opinion on how many employees they should have for a very busy store, apparently not enough if they can't do consultations.


I also hate the new Target pharmacy hours. I am planning to move to a different pharmacy. It is too difficult with my schedule to get to the pharmacy before 7pm.


Maybe your celphone is slow, and one minute past seven is still past seven. Where do they draw the line.


Thank you soldier1, and yes I agree with you totally. I have worked retail myself, and took excelent care my my customers to the point of staying late many times to help someone in need.

And they apprieciated my assistance and patients so much so that many of them still run into me out shopping or dinning and they come over to say hello and how are you, ect... it is the little things that are so important in life, and how we treat others is what they will remember about us.

I am sure being a soldier you put this in to practice yourself daily, it is truly a selfless decision to serve your country, and thank you for that Mr. ;)

Good for you because, there are more people in this world willing to go the extra mile and help someone than people who have a "I don`t care mentality".

That is exactly why some people get their bell rung. 8)

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