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I honestly could not believe it when I read that Target was going to gender neutral signage in their stores. Seriously, where does it end?

* gender neutral dressing rooms?

* gender neutral restrooms?

* no more dolls for sale because they might offend a little girl who only wants to play with cars?

* no more cars for sale because they might offend a little boy who only wants to play with dolls?

* what if I am offended by the color red because it reminds me of blood?

* should you put all of the clothing together in one huge department, all mixed up together because you don't want to insinuate that some clothes are for girls and some for boys and some for adults?

* what about people who don't celebrate Halloween? Would you stop selling Halloween decor for fear of offending those people?

* the same thing can be said for Christmas or Easter or Hannukah or any other holiday for that matter?

* men's and women's watches all mixed together because you don't want to offend anyone with gender grouping?

* maybe you should stop separating clothing by size because you might make an overweight person feel bad because their shirt is bigger than one that is a lesser size?

* along those same lines, maybe you should just get rid of sizes on clothing and shoes? Size neutral?

This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from a major corporation. Take a stand and say no more! Or you will lose more business.

Barbara Schweiger

Reason of review: Gender neutral policy.

I liked: Convenience.

I didn't like: Policy.

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Cars are for boys, dolls are for girls. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

It's been that way for hundreds of years.

It's that way for a reason. Leave it alone.

to Anonymous #1077835

actually in the 50s pink was masculine and blue was feminin. Also I'm a woman, I always identified as such and growing up my favourite toy was a transformer.


wow, you people are really taking this too far. Glad to see the conservative morons have figured out how to use sites other than Facebook and "the Yahoo".

You are all willing to go to war with Target for something as small as changing the layout of their toys sections yet McWalmart and the rest of corporate America destroys the middle class and you don't even bat an eye. Too bad intelligence doesn't trickle down.

I hope you all have sons who grow up to be drag queens, and daughters who become-gasp-welders! You are all retarded.


I totally agree. This is just beyond reasonable.

This gender neutrality is just the tip of the ice berg.

Stand up America and say no to Target. Stop shopping their stores and see how well they do without the customers that made them successful.

Troy, Michigan, United States #1019000

Agree 1000%

Who made Target what it is today? Families with Children - Men and Women - boys and Girls.

Very disappointed and rather disgusted at this gender neutrality BS.

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