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I am so sorry I registered at Target. I have registered at Babies R Us, Pottery Barn, and Target.

Babies R Us and Pottery Barn have given me no issues. I decided to add a Target registry because I noticed items were cheaper and there were more options than Babies R Us for some products. BIG MISTAKE!! I have had problems from the start!

I had to email and call to have items removed online. They tried to tell me to change browsers, clear my history... being that I'm not an ***... I had already done these things.

After a very strongly worded email, they manually did it for me. Then I got constant texts and calls from friends and family that items kept going out of stock or became unavailable. I was constantly having to choose new items and attempt, with little success, to delete the unavailable item. The website was often unavailable or said "sorry there's a problem." Now here we are, the afternoon before my baby shower, and a friend alerts me that my registry says 0 items when pulled up in the store.

So I look online, and I can't login or pull up my registry. So I sit on hold, to talk to a man in another country, who informs me that they are having a "global issue" and it should be fixed in a few hours!!! When I say it's the day before my shower and I've had nothing but issues, he's sorry, but there's nowhere to publicly review my registry experience on Target's website, but I can send an email. And what is that going to do for me?

You are Target! Get it together!! This is making me not want to shop there at all! I rather Walmart than give them business!

And I hate going to Walmart.

What can you do for me to make me feel better? Not a *** thing when I don’t get items off my registry because people couldn’t access it the day before my baby shower.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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