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I am so sorry I registered at Target. I have registered at Babies R Us, Pottery Barn, and Target.

Babies R Us and Pottery Barn have given me no issues. I decided to add a Target registry because I noticed items were cheaper and there were more options than Babies R Us for some products. BIG MISTAKE!! I have had problems from the start!

I had to email and call to have items removed online. They tried to tell me to change browsers, clear my history... being that I'm not an ***... I had already done these things.

After a very strongly worded email, they manually did it for me. Then I got constant texts and calls from friends and family that items kept going out of stock or became unavailable. I was constantly having to choose new items and attempt, with little success, to delete the unavailable item. The website was often unavailable or said "sorry there's a problem." Now here we are, the afternoon before my baby shower, and a friend alerts me that my registry says 0 items when pulled up in the store.

So I look online, and I can't login or pull up my registry. So I sit on hold, to talk to a man in another country, who informs me that they are having a "global issue" and it should be fixed in a few hours!!! When I say it's the day before my shower and I've had nothing but issues, he's sorry, but there's nowhere to publicly review my registry experience on Target's website, but I can send an email. And what is that going to do for me?

You are Target! Get it together!! This is making me not want to shop there at all! I rather Walmart than give them business!

And I hate going to Walmart.

What can you do for me to make me feel better? Not a *** thing when I don’t get items off my registry because people couldn’t access it the day before my baby shower.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of target baby registry. Target needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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