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While purchasing wine, clerk asked to see drivers license, I assumed procedure to verify dob (I am 75 years old) however the clerk grabbed the license and scanned it. I AM FURIOUS, I do not allow any retail clerk to touch my license, and I do not allow any retail store scan my driver's license, much less target with their incompetent network security.

RIP target, BTW I have purchased wine there before and clerk just verified age by looking at the license.

Never will return to any target, besides their prices are outrageous on many competitive items. Norhing else to add, just finishing the 100 word game

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Target Practice.

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Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States #1217963

actually it depends on whats being purchased, and which store your in. Some stores the cashier scans the ID, others enters in the birthdate.

Regardless, show your ID, let them do their job, and roll on through. People like you hold up the line.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1217168

They scan the license because the sale would not be able to go through without scanning license genius. If you are this worked up when sober I would hate to see how worked up and insane you would be after a few drinks.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1214719

They don't scan driver licenses, they just enter your DOB. Stop being so dramatic, and just hand over your license. Geez.

to Anonymous Richmond Hill, New York, United States #1216812

Yes they do scan licenses. I've personally seen this and also scan license for cough and cold medicine

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1202289

How can they scan your ID when the register doesn't prompt them to? They have to type in the birthday.

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