I just ordered a tv cabinet/stand about a week and a half ago and when it arrived (Tuesday) the box looked extremely damaged from the outside. When I opened the box all of the packing Styrofoam was broken into millions of tiny pieces and when I went to get the small package of hardware it was completely opened and empty. All the hardware had spilled out and was sprinkled throughout the box...or so I thought. I proceeded to try to fish out the hardware but soon realized that most pieces had escaped from the damaged box. I figured I could call and just get a new set of hardware sent to me. I continued pulling out the pieces of the unit only to find that the whole top was scratched due to the loose hardware rolling around in the box. It wasn't just a small scratch or 2 (which I would have ignored being that I just unpacked 75 lbs of pieces) it was awful!

So now I call the # on the instruction manual that says "call for missing or damaged pieces" of which I had both. The man says they can send me hardware but they could only send the top in black....I ordered it in white!!!! He then connects me to the customer service.

I explain the issue to a woman and she says they can send me a new unit and arrange for the old unit to be picked up by UPS...great...the only problem is I was heading out of town for a few days (Wednesday-Saturday) so I asked if she could schedule all this for the following Monday? She said yes....but she lied!!!

So the next day (Wednesday) while I'm away, UPS attempts to do a pickup. I'm on vacation so they leave a note. They come back the next day (Thursday) while I'm away and leave another note. At some point on Thursday afternoon a different UPS truck comes and delivers the new replacement tv stand. I had received an email so I expected it to be waiting for me when I returned on Saturday. But alas that would be too easy. Apparently the pickup UPS guy now tried back again the next day (Friday) and took the perfectly good tv stand away with him!!!

I don't understand why this target woman would've spent all that time on the phone with me pretending to schedule a pick up/drop off for Monday when she was just going to dispatch someone the very next day! If she had said from the beginning that they were going to come the next day I would have left the damaged tv stand on the front porch. I really blame her for setting this whole disaster in motion.

After 7 different phone calls and dealing with many more confused target employees I finally told them don't bother sending me a new one I just want to have the damaged one picked up and be done with this nightmare! Thankfully today someone took the damaged tv stand and hopefully I'll be getting my money back soon!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $178.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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