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DO NOT SHOP HERE! I have been shopping at TARGET for nearly 15 years!

I am a loyal customer and proudly display my REDcard all the time; however, this evening I had the worst customer experience every in my entire life while shopping at the TARGET Store in Arnold MO. I normally do not use this location for my shopping needs but I was visiting family and decided to stop by before I went home. I went in specifically to purchase an electric tea kettle. Nothing fancy, just something to warm water for hot tea after nursing a cold for several days.

I went straight to the aisle where they are shelved and noticed many different options including several on sale. They had these big stickers on the shelves with marked down prices. I was impressed with some sale items and picked up the smallest kettle and the lowest price for $7.19. I didn't plan to purchase anything else but you know how that goes, I couldn't leave the store without buying several other items.

When I checked out about 30 minutes before store closing, I was tired and didn't catch the price difference when I was checked out by the friendly cashier. After I had walked away, I noticed I was charged $30 for this little black tea kettle. That was $23 more dollars than expected, so I told the cashier she overcharged me. She apologized and said to see customer service and that they will "fix it." Another clerk walked me over to customer service and said, "how much did you think it was selling for?" I told her and her response was like, "Oh wow, that's a big difference." She proceeded to radio a TARGET employee named Chris (she said his name) who took a moment to radio back and say, "Yes!

The price is marked at $7.19." She confirmed some number code for the product, and he responded it was correct. She then said to bring up the sale price card so she can ring me up with the right code. I waited. He came up and said.

"Hey, he's correct. The $7.19 sticker was under that electric tea kettle; however, the code doesn't match the product entirely." They scratched their heads. She was honest and said she couldn't override the price and needed a manager. She called for a manager.

A male employee came over complaining about another male manager who never answers pages when they work. She explained to him my situation, and he immediately said to her, "Oh I cannot override that using my account." So now they called for yet another manager. Sara walks over half asleep and asks what the problem is. The first customer service woman tells Sara what happened and even said the $7.19 sale card was indeed in the wrong place, but now she adds, "But it looks like someone moved it!" She began to weave this story like I moved the card to get a cheaper tea kettle.

Who does that? They were selling $12 pots next to this one, and I would have bought a $30 kettle if I knew this was going to be a bait-and-switch move. Sara looked at me and said, "Sir, I cannot sell this product to you at this price. It should not have been there." She then went on to tell me that I should have read the code and matched it up with the sales card.

Who does that when they shop and see sales items all over the store? I told her that I can appreciate that someone made a mistake; however, they need to fix it going forward but honor the $7.19 price that even their employee Chris said the price tag was under the tea kettle I purchased. Sara looked at me again and wouldn't budge. She offered me a 10% discount which brought it down to $27, but I was miserable.

I told her that was still $20 more than I expected. She never said she was sorry for her staff making the mistake. She didn't offer me a TARGET gift card for $20 to make it right. She just looked at me waiting for me to leave because the store was now closed and they wanted to leave.

When I asked the first customer service person about their employee Chris clearly saying it was advertised incorrectly directly under the product, she again said to Sara, "Yes but someone moved it." Well really? Of course, it looked like it was moved--by TARGET employee Chris--who you told to bring to the front! They wouldn't help me, and they kept making me feel like I was a thief. I told them to check the video cameras, and they will see I never moved anything.

Heck, I did them a favor by discovering this item incorrectly marked. Nothing! Ziltch! Sara's customer service skills were the worst.

When I asked for her to write down the complaint phone number, she reluctantly did. I also asked her to write the employee's customer service name, and she only wrote Chris. No last initial or nothing. I asked for the GM's name, and she wrote Austin.

I told her I was going to write this review and others. I am also going to copy it to the Better Business Bureau too. She didn't care at all.

I will be returning the item tomorrow and all the items I purchased in the last 30-days. TARGET Arnold Missouri treated me (a loyal TARGET customer) like trash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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You were a loyal customer for 15 years, don't let one bad experience ruin it. Everyone makes mistakes, and maybe just go to your regular store and stay away from this one or give them another chance.

Unfortunately I have witnessed people moving the sales stickers for their own gain.

I have also witnessed these stickers fall to the ground and someone picks them up and just sticks them wherever. You just never know.

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