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I ordered a Coleman Sun Shade at The same day, I tried to cancel it. They were paying the shipping and I thought it would be right to not make them waste their money. Unfortunately I spoke with someone at their offshore desks and his understanding of English was poor. He kept reading from the script they must have and bottom line is he could not cancel it. Unfortunately he also told me that I could just refuse accepting it when it arrived.

It arrived, I went to a Target store to return it. The nice young man at the desk advised me that the computer has indicated this item has to be mailed in. I spoke with the Supervisor who said he would accept it if Customer Service would give authorization. Unfortunately, they did not have the phone number of Customer Service. I used my phone and called. The first person just told me no and told me of company policy. But she could give me a shipping label, and I could send it back free of charge. I was good with this till she said that I would get a gift card and not have my PayPal account refunded. That too is company policy.

Here is where it gets funny, if I bring the item to a store, they can refund me the price charged to PayPal. I told her I am at a store, and she advised sorry this item cannot be returned to the store, so take your gift card. Do you really think I am shopping there again. She connected me with her Supervisor who also said told me the same thing, then he spoke with the store supervisor and just when I thought reason would prevail, the Lack of Customer Service Supervisor disconnected.

Another 45 minutes trying to get back to where we were on the phone, but then I did get to speak with a Supervisor Rachel, who was cut and dry, this is the policy and if you read the fine print you will see they are right.

Seriously, we are talking about $100 item. It is in the original packaging unopened. So I will take their free shipping label, send it back and take my gift card. I will gift it to someone as God willing I will never have to shop with them again. I am out $100 plus, but I will spend a great deal of time spreading the word to read the small print before you shop with Target.

I just want to warn anyone else. That $100 to them might be very important. I think that Target just sets up policies to make people get frustrated and accept what they are given. I don't believe in giving in so easily. I will use the pen (electronic or not) to make my case.

Please print this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #700084

I'm going through a similar situation with them, they sent me the wrong item and expect me to take time off work to bring it to a post office to return it because it's too big to arrange for pickup...and the store wont refund because the item isn't on the receipt! Of course it's not, they sent me the wrong item!

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