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So I go into target as I’m shopping I start to feel my underwear start to get soaked. I’m only 8 months pregnant so I was not thinking this could be my water breaking.

I’m walking around and it happens water every where.. I proceed to the front with my shopping cart looking for a bathroom. I’m in such a panic.. as I proceed to the front I stop look and about a min later I’m surrounded by lost prevention.

Apparently because I passed all points of sale (I didn’t pass the doors, had no items concealed! I was not trying to steal!) I was now being charged with shoplifting! My water just broke and I was in labor looking for a bathroom! I was dragged to the back not allowed to use the bathroom...

I’m crying still leaking pants soaked. My car was towed away and I was forced to find other means of transportation home because of this so called theft incident! Long story short I got to the hospital too late. My membranes were ruptured for too long and because of that baby had an infection and was in nicu for 13 days!

I have to go to court and explain my situation. Target should be held accountable for my babies 13 day nicu bills!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Best fiction short story I have read in years!!If this was remotely true, the store would have called for an ambulance ASAP!


Membranes ruptured??? You clearly don't have ANY medical training in childbirth! LOL!!!


This is the worst fake story ever!! Lol!

Why would a pregnant woman in labor choose to go to a public bathroom to give birth instead of yelling for someone to call an ambulance???

I think what really "broke" was the jacket or coat you were wearing while hiding a bunch of stolen items in it! The items falling out were not a baby mam, it was the items you thought you could steal.


What a bunch of BS. Could have been believable up to the point your car got towed. Why would they tow your car?


Is this story factual? Although bizarre things indeed occur—-this story lacks extreme details.

Why wasent an ambulance called due to early labor onset? Police? Then the factoid that car was towed? Did you mention to “loss prevention” employees that your water broke during the entire ordeal?

What was supposedly stolen? Surely if you stole anything that would indeed warrant a walk of shame to the back office. Such a newsworthy story. But—haven’t seen this story on the news.

Over the top!

If factual, Target is in big big trouble., however I smell a big fat rat, honestly. .


This has got to be one of the worst attempts at framing a store I’ve ever seen can you say psycho

to Anonymous #1439040

The story sounds strange. Almost like it needs to be posted on one of those fiction-based apps to gain notoriety.

Weird. Too detailed but the details don’t add-up.


OP:Did you send Target Corporate Headquarters your hospital bills?Did you or anyone else in your family contact Target Corporate Headquarters regarding your hospital stay, Loss Prevention detaining you, your car being towed as well as your baby being in NICU?

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