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i just had to throw out 2 sirloin steaks because they were SO salty

due to some "patented solution". they were awful.

there is no need to tamper with good meat in any way.

your ground beef on the other hand is excellent and a staple in our house. target is a go-to store within short distance of my home . i will have to bring a magnifying glass to read almost invisible printing on some labels, but that can be done. the label on these steaks was gold print on white , tiny and unreadable. i'll keep coming for gr. beef but NO STEAK

Monetary Loss: $9.

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they sell pink slim not BEEF PINK SLIM!! "Whole Foods and Costco do not carry packages of beef with "pink slime" included, while Target, Walmart Safeway, and Albertsons do."


The local paper had an article a while back about how they add carbon monoxide gas to the package to keep the meat red and fresh looking, It will stay red even after it starts to decay. Make sure to check the dates on the package to be sure it is fresh.


wonder if that ground meat that is so GOOD has pink slime in it!!Unfortunately, several popular chains do use it, including Stop & Shop/Giant, Walmart and Zaycon Foods

If you do not see your grocery store here and want to know if they allow pink slime,or “Finely Textured Lean Beef” in their ground beef, ask to speak with a manager in charge of the meat department to inquire about the issue.

Unfortunately, meat packers do not need to label if pink slime is added to their product because it is considered “meat”, so unless we know the store policies, we have no way of knowing if the meat contains pink slime or not.My thoughts – if a store is not explicitly stating that they do NOT allow it, they probably do.

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