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About six weeks ago, a Target manager told me that customers were required to use automated teller machines before 10:00 AM. Consequently, I stopped shopping at Target for several weeks.

Recently, after stopping Target to use its restroom, a clerk asked me where I'd been. I explained that I was boycotting Target due to its mandatory automated teller machines. She told me that many people had complained about the mandatory machines. She also said that, because of these complaints, the policy had been changed so that customers can request a human teller, even before 10:00 AM.

Today, when I tried to check out at 08:30 AM, a manager told me that no tellers were available.

She didn't offer to check me out at the customer service desk. I said, "Then no purchase," returned the merchandise items to their shelves, and then left the store.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1316560

Checking out with an ATM is not going to help you. Use the self checkout lines instead.

Houston, Texas, United States #1314487

What is an automated teller machine?

to Anonymous #1314765

It is a line where you check your items out yourself and only one cashier mans all registers. A lot of companies are doing this and they give lots of issues.

Many people find fault with this. I would rather deal with a real cashier than a machine. Basically you scan the items yourself, and after you finish, you select your method of payment and bag your items.

I have hear of situations where companies watch you carefully, and if you accidentally forget to scan an item they have LP after you and take you to court making you pay a much higher find for shoplifting. They know that people will accidentally forget to pay for items from time to time, another reason I have an issue with this system.

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