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Hi, bought a gazebo & cover at Target- Early April because last year they were sold out in June. Big & heavy box-found receipt, got help getting box there & tried to return. "So Sorry, can't do anything, it is past the 90 days, but here's a customer service number maybe they can help" called the number "So Sorry, can't do anything, it is past the 90 days" bumped up a couple of times to other people- " So Sorry, can't do anything it is past the 90 days"

The product is still on their shelves for sale and also on-line.

They were able to give me the name of the maunfacturer (duh- the one here on the box)& their phone number-"maybe they could help?" really?????

Correct me if I am wrong- it is still summer right?? and they can't do anything????

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - I must heed my own warning. Apparently some coward has commandeered my screen name of Narc you out and is posting lies in my stead.

As of 9/2/11 I will no longer post as Narc you out, but henceforth will become Anonymous, much like the silent thief and liar that has posted messages under my screen name. It is well that from now on they will have to figure out which anonymous is me and wonder on which person they are launching their attacks.


How can one find or discuss actual complaints when this site is littered with drivel like this? You do not have a legitimate case, as the return policy is printed on your receipt as well as posted in store. Without rules and regulations we would succumb to anarchy.


90 day return is fair. Past 90 days? Too bad.


Narc you out, I work at Sears, and I still think this is a BS complaint. A 90 day return policy is not bad treatment.


Stibber, Be cautious dealing on this site. There are folks that comment on most of the complaints we list herein with vulgar, hateful and simple minded insults.

These people post comments passionately praising Target's positions and/or decisions, but claim to have no working relationship with the Target corporation. Please review most of the recent complaints filed this month. It will certainly open your eyes! Don't let these insults deter you from posting your experiences there, though.

If enough of us keep posting our bad treatment, then perhaps Target will offer more fair consumer relations and services.

The more vocal we are, the more they will learn to not ignore us. Keep up the good work!


Start a rally and a social media campaign. Let Target know that you won't be happy unless they have a 20 year/no receipt/no questions asked return policy.

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