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This is an email I sent to Target:

see the response below

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in desperation and extreme frustration. I hope this will reach someone who can help. We are and have been happy Target customers for years, but that is in jeopardy due to a horrible experience with an online return and mainly with your telephone customer service. In early September, we ordered new furniture for our nursery. The order # was -. We received confirmation emails and quick delivery. The order was for 2 cribs (twins), crib mattress, a changing table, and a chest of drawers. When delivered, we were very happy with the cribs, but the changing table and chest of drawers were not what we expected in color or quality. On September 13 I emailed you requesting a return and was sent return labels. I called after receiving the labels and asked how to arrange pick up. I was told to call UPS myself to arrange pick up. I did so, and they picked up the two returns the next day. I was never given a tracking number by UPS or Target. Very quickly, on September 19th we received a credit for $157.84 for the dresser. In the mean time, we did order and receive a different dresser and changing table. We have never been credited for the chest of drawers. I have called your customer service number five times regarding the issue. The best way I can describe the service on every one of these calls is apathetic, full of delays, and completely devoid of any helpful information or results. Apparently, either UPS or Target lost the second return. The first four times I called I was told I just need to wait for it to show up. They were shipped at the same time! It has now been over a month, obviously, it is not showing up. The last time I called, I was told that the credit was being issued, and I would receive a confirmation email and see the credit within 14 days. It has now been 18 days, and no email, no credit. Every one of these calls has taken 15 - 30 minutes, usually with someone hard to understand, and basically giving scripted answers with no results. PLEASE HELP! The reference # I was given for this issue is -. I know this is a long email, I am just trying to convey the arduous process it has been trying to get this resolved. Please advise.

Thank You,

This is the response I got:

hello John,

Thanks for asking about your return. We're still working on it and will send a confirmation e-mail when the refund is processed.

Because your return items are delivered to a return center with multiple deliveries daily it may take a little longer than expected. I have sent a request to our research team to further along your return.

You should see your credit in about 10 business days after we process it, so please bear with us while we wrap things up.

I hope you'll visit Target.com again soon.


DayneseTarget.com Guest Services

Monetary Loss: $157.

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Isn't it interesting that we were all loyal, happy Target customers until we were each seriously jacked around with our purchases and had our money either taken completely from us or held hostage for indefinite times because of lack of customer care?
I learned the hard way (at the hands of Target corporate and their employees) NEVER to run the chance of that happening to me again. I will not deal with a company as irreputable as Target again!!! :(

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