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I was shopping at the meyerland location and I'm a really neet person any how some lady came on my side and told me or assume that I was stilling she took me into the back room and I told her that I wasn't doing anything still inside the store then I show her my bag and couldn't find anything, and I know they don't suppose to touch you unless they have proof of me steeling making a story short they pull me into the break room (where there's no camaras) and since I have just taken my meds because I'm desable so I told her what I know because I work for retail for 10 years so I empty my bag and there was nothing in there so she broke my nose made my face look like a monster bleeding so I wait for the cops to show up and I ended up going to jail for assault even that I never touch them and I was the one injured so I learn my lesson not to comback to that getto store in my life and I recommend you don't be neet at that store because they all act like animals also I couldn't understand the manager well they wanna be on television again good for them!!!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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You are lying, if you really had worked in retail for ten years you would have better spelling and grammar. Sounds to me like some six year old making up lies because you stole a chocolate bar and they called your parents and your parents cancelled Christmas.


I don't know if you stole anything or not, but if you did steal something instead of stealing what you stole you should have stolen a dictionary so you can proofread your work. Then again with all the spell check programs online you did not even need to steal that.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #919656

Would you give me some lessons since you're perfect and this is just to let ppl know how this ppl treat their customers and I didn't stole anything they assumed that I did thx for your advice

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #855282

I assume that a person who would spell stealing "stilling" and then spell it "steeling" ... They pulled you into a back room and you ended up going to jail chances are you did something wrong.

Might I suggest you getting a dictionary? And by "neet" I'm guessing that you mean NEAT as in clean and we'll put together.

Yeah anyone who talks/spells like this I'm certain doesn't look we'll put together. Hmmm

to Kennedy Houston, Texas, United States #919658

This is not a spelling bee I just need ppl to know what's goin on and thank you for your comment is been real helpful

to Kennedy Houston, Texas, United States #919664

I will, but ppl still don't understand the situation instead of checking ppls grammar, I'm not a genius bud tnx


Uh...huh...I'm sure this really happened. Maybe at a target on the moon.

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #854179

Wow...If you want your statement here to be taken seriously, it may be in your best interest to do as the person before me said and learn spelling and grammar.

to Target fan Houston, Texas, United States #919662

Thanks but grammar doesn't fix my broken nose but thanks anyway I guess they really didn't care my script when that person got fired ...


If I were you I would go back to school to learn some proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #919666

Thanks for the advice believe me my lawyer is good on grammar and they did listen to him so anyway tnx

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