I am very disappointed in Target! I ordered a Hoover® WindTunnel® Air™ Bagless Upright Vacuum at Target.com on Thanksgiving Day. Regular price was $159.99. Thanksgiving Day Sale Price was $79.99. After waiting patiently for 16 days and speaking to 4 different people, I was originally told that the item order would be cancelled, my money refunded, and a new order made. However, the guy on the phone did not believe that they could still honor my Thanksgiving Day Sale price. The new order would be charged to me at the REGULAR price of $159.99 Excuse me??? According to the UPS shipping order, UPS has not even received the item from Target. Why would my sale price not be honored in the second order when it was of no fault of my own that the item was not delivered to me? I am currently on hold for the 6-7th time after wasting over 50 minutes of my time on the phone with NON ENGLISH speaking people trying to resolve this situation. At this time I am waiting on a Supervisor to try to help me. Seriously????? Almost an hour on the phone and the situation has yet to be corrected? This may very well be the last time that I waste my time purchasing anything from Target. What kind of costumer service is this? I visit our local Target on a weekly basis to purchase household items, and order online for holiday shopping frequently. I also assist my mother in making many purchases from this store. I am about to cut up my Target charge card and urge my mother to do the same. We can certainly find another place to do our shopping that will treat their customers in a more appropriate manner.

It has now been OVER an HOUR of my time wasted on the phone with customer service due to this issue. The longer I am kept on hold the more I can think to say.

I have now been told by the "Floor Supervisor" that even though they cannot tell me where my item is, and when it will be delivered, and they cannot locate it anywhere....They CANNOT refund me my money so that I can go to another store to purchase a cleaner. At this point I would much rather pay full price and have my money go to a business that has some idea of what they are doing and treats their customers better. I ordered this on November 28th. They charged my card that very day. I do not have my item. UPS does not have my item because Target has not got it to UPS yet, and Target has no idea where my item is. Yet I cannot receive a refund to my card in order to purchase from another business. I was also told that they would not/could not transfer me to someone else to speak to. i asked multiple times for a corporate phone number to call with my situation and I was informed that she could not give that me and that there was no one else to speak to.

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Basically the same thing happened to me. I ordered a Kitchenaid Stand mixer on December 3rd for $70.00 off the normal price and free shipping.

My card was debited December 4th, but the item never made it to UPS. Now I am being refunded, (without my requesting it). I don't want a refund, I want my mixer for the sale price!

I spent an hour on hold the first time, today when I called, I keep getting bumped off after 16 seconds. :(

the CEO's email Gregg.Steinhafel@target.com and phone # 612-696-6234 here is his assistants too Denise.May@target.com and phone # 612-696-6243


file a complaint with the FTC this is classic bait and swith. you ordered at one price they get your order they cannot deliver your merchandise then they never tell you.

you call and this is where it becomes an advertising issue they now have the supposed item but can not honor the origional price. file a COMPLAINT with the ftc!!

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Why am I not surprised? If Target keeps this level of customer service up, they're going to go the way of K-Mart.

I just got back from a Target where they claimed my son's gift card had "Expired" (per the *** register and the drone running it), even though it says, "No Expiration." on the back of the card.

Ridiculous. I'd sooner shop at Mall-Wart.

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