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The biggest scam...I and family members were so excited about the event.....stores had minimal inventory and it was ALL gone within 5 minutes after the doors opened at 8 AM....3 hours later items were on EBAY selling at 3 times the Target price! The website crashed before anyone could buy anthing.....It is not like Target has never done this type of event before....if their thinking is to get us in the store to buy other merchandise it did not work....I left the store very disenchanted. I have enjoyed shopping at Target in the past but this event really disappointed and disillusioned me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have an idea. Instead of going for stuff that isn't even cute to begin with and paying a ridiculous amount for it, just because it's new and everyone wants it, shop for cuter stuff for half the price.


This is the fault of the people that decided they were going to sell things for a profit, NOT target's fault. They should have limited the items to say, 3 a person, but they did not and next time I'm sure they will.

Other than that you can't stop people from buying things and trying to inflate the market by selling them for higher. This wasn't a scam, and if you think that then you need to wise up.

Target even apologized for this because it's not what they wanted to happen. Be mad at the people responsible for this, but that's not Target.


I have come to realize that Kevin Richards has no life!He is only on here to insult you

and make you feel like ***!!! Wow Kevin i really hope you are getting

paid for all of your negative ***!!!!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #982023

I wish I were getting paid, the fact remains this person has no right acting like a child.

Conway, South Carolina, United States #974378

I agree, I usually LOVE target. But after this event and only having limited amount of lilly & not even having the website running properly.

It was ridiculous. They spent more money advertising then it was even worth.

Orange, California, United States #974188

Grow up and stop being a sore loser. You were late for the sales.

You were not one of the first ones in line so stop moping and sulking. I bet your family is ashamed of you and the big deal you are making over this.


You poor baby, didn't get to buy any of these things. I honestly don't know what was so special about it, I looked the items up before they went on sale, and didn't see anything that I would have paid the price for.

The dresses looked like basic house dresses, only with a little bit of trim. A person could buy the fabric and make one for no more than $20.00 and then you would have the satisfaction of saying "I made it myself."

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