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I spend about 200 to 300 dollars a month at Target. I went there today, went to checkout with a cart full of stuff.

At checkout I was informed that if I get their credit card I will always get 5% off of everything at Target. I do not want their credit card though. That means if I do not want their credit card I have to pay 5% more than someone who gets their stupid credit card. I don't want to pay 5% more so I told the cashier I changed my mind and to keep the stuff I was going to buy.

I will never shop at Target again because I refuse to pay more because I do not want their credit card. What a stupid, greedy corporate gimmic.

I always liked and respected Target.

Now I totally disrespect them and see them as yet another corporation playing games to rip off the public. I will never shop there again.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They also offer a target debit card which links to your bank account. You save the 5% and there are no fees.

to Shannon L. Gillespie #1486966

Debit cards are a bad thing. If someone fraudulently uses your card the money comes out of your account immediately.

Yes, the bank will return it if after investigation they find the transaction was fraudulent and that may take weeks. With a credit card you can dispute the charge and not be responsible for payment unless investigation proves otherwise. Use a credit card. Cards like Visa and Master Card will usually have lower interest rates than store cards and may offer rewards as well.

Stores want you to use their cards as they don't pay fees to the credit company. The company that issues the store cards make up the money they loose in transaction fees paid by the stores by charging consumers higher interest rates and other service fees.


I still shop at Target occasionally even though I do not have a card. My other cards give rewards, may not be the same but it still adds up.

I would suggest using one of those other cards.

I have enough multi-store cards so that I do not need a specific store card, especially if I am not a frequent shopper.Target is not the only store that offers their own card. Many of the department stores are doing it also.

#1466070 don't get out much, do you??? All stores & even restaurants nowadays have cards that they MAKE their employees sell to every customer.

At my store, the GM would watch me to make sure I offered the store credit card to ALL customers, even on super busy days.

I had to ask each customer 3 times if they wanted to open up a card with us. Of course we were only allowed to say the positive things about the card & not the negative things.


Target isn't the only store that does this. They do it because when you use the Target card instead of VISA, Master Card or others they do not have to pay a percentage to the credit card company.

The company issuing the store card makes up for the loss of the transaction fee by charging interest rates that are often double what you would pay on a bank credit card. Target also gets to send you advertising with your bills every month as well. It isn't hard to find a credit card that will pay you 2% for using their card. Get one of those and use it.

If you quit shopping at stores that want you to use their card you will soon run out of places to shop. They may not tell you at the register but look at the signs around the store and you will find it is common for stores to give you a discount if you use their card.

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