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My 3 year old son asked for and recieved a spiderman razor type scooter for christmas. I notice the other day that there was a sticker attached to the bottom with a lead content warning.

My sister told me she purchased it at Target. I tried to return it but they refused as it had been used and they had no recall on the product. I have searched every where no one has labeled this product as having lead.

Toys R US and Target both carry this product. I am pissed that these companies sell products which contain lead to us.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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“What does this number mean?”

The DPCI number is equal to “item number” within the Target system. DPCI stands for DePartment, Class, and Item. Every product in the store or on line will have a unique number.

The number has nine digits just like a Social Security Number, and it will appear on the item packaging and on your receipt. It is also on the labels or sewn into garments sold through Target stores or on line.

If you can product this number I can investigate the item while in the store where I work.


What does this number mean?



“spiderman razor type scooter”


“My sister told me she purchased it at Target”

What is the DPCI number for this product?

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