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Today I went to pick up literally three things at Target and waited fifteen full minutes in line. There were three out of twenty lanes open while a group of employees stood around in the front of the store goofing around.

The MANAGERS were up front messing around too, which was so unprofessional and frustrating. I gave them the eyes, like "Hey I'm here with three things waiting behind a person who has 145 things, open an express lane." But they didn't seem to care, even smiled and went on with their irrelevant conversation.

Two of the employees were standing in the cafe area holding someone's baby and talking. HOW RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

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Always let a manager know when something like that happens. They'd want to know what was happening in their store.

:cry Do you need a hug? They may not be cashiers fyi.

When you said they were fooling/messing around did you mean they were humping each other.


well.. while I don't agree with them fooling around instead of helping out the lines, you've got a problem if you're letting something like that upset you too much.


Maybe they don't want to help a sourpuss.

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