Aloha from the beautiful state of Hawaii:

Why don't Targets have layaway just like Walmart and K-Mart it will make it easier on customers in getting things and paying monthly or every two weeks. You can reach me at rlo61@aol.com. I have things on layaway in Walmart and k-mart and its so much easier on our budget. We want to buy somethings from you store but the price is just to much for just to purchase the item. Please again I would like someone to get back to me regarding this question.

Much Mahalo,


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Los Angeles, California, United States #723469
Ive never had a problem with Target. I've been shopping there since the first one opened up in our area 20 years ago.

Never had an issue returning anything either. It must be certain locations because of the 4 around me I have never had one problem. I don't shop at Walmart.

They never have exactly what I need or their prices are too high for me. :grin

Since you have the "right" attitude at Target, then congrats.

For everyone else, consider fair warning to be to stay away from Target. Apparently StoreOP1 has had the good fortune of knowing how to shop at Target. The rest of us will probably continuing shopping with an attitude that works in every other store than Target.


I've shopped at Target for years and returned everything from clothes, food, and electronics. Never once have I had an issue.

Keep a good attitude and you'll usually receive one in return. I myself have worked retail and it is often hard to get a customer to understand policy, people always want to be the "exception" and strong grudges are often held when they learn they aren't special over another person.

Don't know about Best Buy or Wal-Marts bad customer service, but am a seasoned pro at Target's unscrupulous practices. EVERYONE I speak with has had a terrible problem and had to eat bad products because Target refused to make their purchases right.

I have said it as a warning before, and I'm warning you now, buyer beware of Target's terrible customer service and horrible return policies. Once they get your money, they will NOT help you once you have a problem with that product.
This is fair warning - StoreOP1. Should you choose to ignore it, then go for it.

Soon you will join the legions of us who have been ripped off by Target.

Then you will join the rest of us with unfortunate experience and warn other future victims! :eek

Companies LOSE money on layaway, it's not usually people who are actually going to come back, it's sell-able merchandise sitting in a room where nobody who actually wants to pay then can get to it. I've never had any problems with Targets customer service.

Even when I return items without a receipt. There are 12 times in a year you're allowed to do that.

I'd say that's pretty fair, that's one lost receipt a month. You wanna talk about bad customer service let's talk about Best Buys waits just to get told you'll have to wait in another line for a refurbished product, and that's with a receipt, or how walmart once tried to get my social security number on an exchange for the exact same item.


However, their contracts with the shopping are rocket science! You might as well kiss your money goodbye should you have to return ANYTHING.

They don't have layaway because they take your money and it's theirs forever.

Layaway takes longer to grab your disposable income - that's why they don't have it. BEWARE of business with Target.


Target's prices are very reasonable. If you can not afford an item/items at the time of purchase, don't buy it. It is not rocket science!


Because Target has NO customer service. You would be wise to read all the criticism about Target on this site and others!

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