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I shop at Marion, Il. Not Metropolis

Original review posted by user Aug 18, 2013

On my June statement it showed a late fee in which I wasn't late so I called and asked why it took 11 days to post my check. The man didn't have an answer so he said he would take away the $25.00 from the balance and I said no I will deduct it from the min amt due where it was put so my payment wouldn't be so large. The man said it can't be done that way and I said yes it will be done that way as I didn't make the mistake. I deducted the $25.00 and sent in my payment. This month a $35.00 late fee was added and again my payment wasn't late and again I deducted the late fee and sent in my payment. On my bank statements it shows my check are posted on time. Now with this kind of practice I will contact the media about your adding charges to accounts and I will also seek legal council if need be. All I ask is for you to deduct all the extra charges which to date is $60.00 and to quit adding charges. This is stealing. Thank you

Janice Fisher

10442 Stotlar Rd.

Marion, Il. 62959

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #702221

So you decided that you would make up your own rules regarding your payments? Good luck with the media and of course, the lawsuits. LMFAO

to sessa Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #702227

I couldn't have said it any better.

to sessa Carterville, Illinois, United States #702458

I talked to Target this morning and my monthly payments are lower and the late fees are gone. I got what I wanted.

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