i always pay my bills! target is my only credit card/ bill that charges 35.00 for being 16 hours late(had a family emergency) I have morg /jcp/pep boys/ auto and home if i am 1 day late they do not add 35.00 bucks to my account!

The people are rude and condescending! i will not shop there again and i will pay this off asap and throw in trash/ walmart here i come!

ter the holiday drama you would think that target would have top of the line customer service instead of being rude! Well i guess they have to make up for their losses!

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Are you retarded?


So you made a late payment and are mad you had to pay a late fee? Sounds like simple cause and effect to me.

It's like rolling around in mud and then being mad that you're dirty.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #823932

Well Walmart charges $40 in late fees, and that is $40 an hour so there.


You know what day the bill is due. And if you think Walmart will be any more forgiving with late payments you would be mistaken.


How about pay your bills early or on time and avoid the late fee? Late bills get penalized.

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