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In your Hagen Ranch & Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida, I couldn't believe the number of items that I needed and were not on the shelves. This is our second disappointed visit to this store.

When I complained, your salespeople said that they are going through a "transition". What does that mean? Some of the items were: women's visors (which my friend said she purchased at a Target), suppositories, Melatonin, travel accessories, etc. I was told that you carry all of these items but the store was out of them. My husband & I made a special trip to your store and was extremely disappointed. Is that store closing? It is fairly new.

In these days with the cost of gas and the fact that we are senior citizens and on a fixed income, we feel that we should be compensated for this timely, expensive and frustrating experience. What is happening to Target??? Aside from the lack of merchandise your sales help was misdirecting us to other parts of the store to try and locate the visors. We ran from sports to ladies accessories without success.

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