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Ordered two organizers/bookcases on line, for $255. did not realize they use UPS as their delivery service.

First attempted delivery was on a Wed. The attempted delivery receipt said between 2-5 on Thurs(a lie) and after 5 on Fri. I got in at 2:30 the attempted delivery was at 12:43(another lie) This was the final delivery-so I contacted UPS and then Target I was told might make a redelivery that night No delivery Phoned UPS and then Target once again to send items back. Do not get refund until they get the items back in Target's warehouse.

Items arrived today 8/13/13 at 2:00 pm. Where's my refund??? I have to wait another 7-10 days?

So they have both the money and the items-is that not theft? I am considering legal action

Monetary Loss: $255.

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Jackson, Mississippi, United States #701835

I went to target for a full refund. They gave me a five dollar that I could not spend it was ripped on the side.

Consumer service was helpful now I am stuck with tis bill. Next time I will look at my money before I leave the store.

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