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3-5-16 caused violent vomiting

sick sick sick sick sicko sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick caused violent vomiting shortly after ingestion this happened a couple of weeks ago also the color was tomato color what else can I tell you sick sick sick sick at a tat attar stat watt att tats aaa tat tat I have always been cautious about cooking thinks as directed in the directions

really really really really real real real real real real

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Benicia, California, United States #1173582

Here is more that will make you want to vomit. Target is now allowing people to go into the washroom they identify themselves with. This means that men are allowed to go to the women's washroom and vice versa.


Are you sick or drunk? Can't really tell....


Last time I looked tomato sauce was an important ingredient in lasagna, so being "tomato colored" would be normal. Can't speak to the rest.

However, if you got sick IMMEDIATELY after eating it, it probably wasn't the lasagna. Food poisoning takes a while to set in.



What the heck does at a tat attar stat watt att tats aaa tat tat mean?

and really really really really real real real real real real...



Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1122600

If it was, indeed the frozen lasagna, the problem was probably caused by some over-paid minimum wage worker leaving the meals out and allowing them to defrost before they got around to stocking the freezer. Happens alot in all stores.

Try some ginger ale to settle the tummy.

But, don't blame Stouffers. Blame the store you bought it from.

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