I bought a long sleeve white Jerzee t-shirt in a medium. It fit my son perfectly, I laundered it according to label and it shrunk 3" in length.

Now it was too short to wear in length and sleeves. I HAD my receipt and went back within 5 days of purchase to exchange for a larger size. They refused to exchange or refund to my credit card. They told me it was used.

My son never wore it, I only washed it before wearing. They didn't care. After 45 mins and a manger I finally got my money back. What stress!!!

Target does not stand behind the merchandise they sell.

They wanted me to eat the price of the shirt because of their decision to carry inferior merchandise. How does a company justify doing business like that?

I will not be shopping at Target anymore!!!!

PS: I believe I got my money back because I told them I was going to dispute the charge with my credit card. If I paid with cash, I think one would be out of luck.

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I'm sorry was sympathetic now, you received money back because you were about to slap your child? Why would he lie about getting the shirt dirty?

This whole story is confusing. Also I never said anything about your location or attitude being wrong, but that it's how the person in charge perceives you. Whether or not it's true. I've worked for bad management, the type to always say no just because they can.

A lot of the times too customers don't know how abrasive they're being, guest service workers are just doing what they're taught to do and can only work with what they're presented with. If policy is not to take something back washed, that includes hand-washing.


OkeeDokee - StoreOP1.

All the better for you. If you have never had bad service at Target, the better for you. The rest of us apparently don't shop at the "right" location or have the "right" attitude.

At any rate, if you are satisified at Target, press on.

Fair warning is fair warning.


Anonymous you seem to be on a Target crusade tonight, had a recent bad experience? Because I've always had the best customer service at Target. I honestly think it depends on whose in charge at the particular location.


Thanks for your warning. Everything Target sells is fake - fake products, fake customer service, fake advertising and if you think you are going to get a refund or store credit, then they've faked you out.

Target is horrible and they continually dupe its "guests".

They do not stand behind anything they sell. Once the sale is made, no matter what problem you may have with your merchandise, you are out of luck and your money.

You are so right, Buyer Beware at Target


Every retail store I've ever worked has had the policy "if it's been washed" do not return it. I always ask anywhere I am what's the policy if it shrinks, especially because cotton is so dicey these day's. sometimes they list pre-shrunk and it still shrinks, and sometimes it just shrinks a little and others a lot.


Of course you should have received a refund! A product that shrinks that much, when washed according to the label, is either labeled incorrectly or made improperly.

Cotton items that are not "pre-shrunk" should be sized allow for shrinking. To "so sad": note that the original poster stated the item was washed according to the label.


It really should say buyer beware of stup1d customers holding up the line at Target.


They shouldn't have given you anything back. You do realize that 100% cotton shirts shrink the first time they're washed and then put in a dryer on high heat.

If you want to avoid that either hang dry the items or put them on low heat to keep it from shrinking as much. You also washed the item making it used and unsellable to anyone else.

Stores are not obligated to take back a used item. Next time learn how to wash/dry clothes properly before blaming the store for your mishap.

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