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After checking out I remembered I forgot to use my gift card so I told the cashier, she told me to go to customer service right away so I did. Customer service voided my purchase and rescanned the receipt and took off my gift card amount.

This was on Thursday & then on Saturday I checked my online banking to find the $150.55 purchase (supposed to be voided was) still missing out of my account plus the purchase of $130.55 with the gift card. I went to Target and they told me it was voided on their part so I need to go to my bank on Monday and they will fix it. So mean while, $280.55 was taken out of my account over a $130.55 purchase and it was MY BANKS fault ???

All my gas and inconvenience running around is over Targets incompetance and I will never debit or shop there again !!! I still did not get the money refunded to me yet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Refund my account for the $150.00 that was supposed to be voided.

I liked: Clearance prices.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #966814

What Matt said. Also, what bank you have plays a part into how quickly your money will be debited back to your account. These things aren't instant like people want them to be.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #938501

This is not specifically your bank's fault, but it's not Target's incompetence either. A purchase cannot simply be voided.

It's already gone through. So the original purchase hits your account (which it obviously did) and then the second purchase hits you account (which it did). What happens then is Target issues a refund for the first purchase (they can't just void it, it's already gone through), however refunds for some reason in retail are not as fast as purchases. The communication between Target's bank and your bank can take a few days.

And sometimes yes, the bank can push this through but often it just has to run it's course. So next time I would make the purchase the way you want to, or save the gift card for next time because otherwise you will run into this.

Orange, California, United States #936500

It was not your bank's fault it was your fault. Who was the one that forgot to use the gift card?

Why not grow up and take responsibility for your actions, if you are the age you act then obviously you stole the bank card from mommy or daddy or your first grade teacher. Stop blaming Target when it was YOU who made the mistake by forgetting to use your gift card. It was YOUR incompetence (not incopnetance) that caused this not theirs. Quit acting like a six year old by blaming them when it was YOU that forgot to use the gift card in the first place.

None of this would have happened if you had remembered to use your gift card. It is not the bank's fault, it is not Target's fault, it is YOUR fault. Then again perhaps you are in the first grade the way you typed banks makes it sound like a plural noun, you want to show as the problem belonging to the bank not multiple banks.

Just tell the adult's whose bank card you stole what you did before they report it to the police who will do an investigation and find out that you used the card on Target's security camera.

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