Eureka, Illinois

I went to target to purchase a 60" TV that had large signing showing price and offer of $100 dollar gift certificate with purchase. I was told they had none in stock and could not offer the price when more arrived.

I offered to pay for it and pick it up when in, but management said they could not do that. I pointed out the signing was still up and they said Corporate Target made them keep up the signing even though they had none to sell and would not rain check it. This is a very disreputable company.

Leaving such signing up suggests they are very competitive when they are not. It is easy to have great prices and continue to show great pricing with big signing when you do not have any to sell and have no intention of selling any at that price.

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New York, New York, United States #811443

Target sucks major pole!

Aiea, Hawaii, United States #811241

Target sucks. Love their cleanliness but HATE their customer service.

Their are tooanybother stores available for me to continue using target.

I am done with Target.

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