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Bolingbrook, IL. Store Manager advised customers are allowed ONE transaction per day and will be denied one than one per day. I bought some toilet paper and was give a $5.00 gift card for the purchase which I wanted to use on my next purchase which was a different transaction and was told NO. I spoke with the store manager and she advised that it was a new corporate policy to increase profits but she did have the authority to override that...
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Anonymous The whole point of the gift card is so you'll come back next time. Enjoy your useless piece of plastic you'll refuse to spend. Trust me, having worked Target, the money they'l...


MrSharkNasty Always amusing when someone makes a threat of not shopping somewhere anymore. It's an empty aimless threat. Retail workers don't care if you shop at their store if you talk do...

I didn't like
  • Limits on the number of times you can purchase in one day