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This is about the big hiring you guys have every year, we go thru this every year you hire people, promise them all these hours and then they get like 12 or 15 hrs, don't know how you expect people to make a living on that. Last year you started with all these new procedures which no one likes and their not working can you face the fact!!!!!

Before we always got our work done, everyone had their job, when we left at night the store was ready to open the next day, now they don't even zone, so you might be looking for a top and you'll have to look in about 3 or 4 areas cause the stuff is all over the place. We all used to love working at target, we had fun and took pride in our work. No one at target cares anymore all you care about is the almighty dollar and the people your hiring don't care cause your Tls and ETLs don't care either, half of them are looking for other jobs. I just feel target is going to go down the path of k-mart and all the other stores, and its a shame.

We also have at our store a district manager who lives just down the road from 1466, his wife comes in and will actually yell at people if they don't have what shes looking for they act like they own the company, and he'll pop in after he gets off work and looks for crap to complain about.

I think they need to start from the top and go down for new management. Its to bad target you used to be a good place to work.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: go back to how it used to be when people really liked working for you.

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