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I am 62 years old, why would Target ever require that I show an ID to buy beer? I asked for the Target Manager and was told that this is the Target store policy no exceptions. This is a lack of respect for someone obviously beyond the required age to purchase alcohol. I protest!

I love a store asking to see an ID for a credit card purchase, Thank you for protecting me. However this is NEVER asked for at Target, just swipe a card, it can belong to any one. No Target store policies safeguarding your financial security.

All of you that are over 40 lets show Target with our purchase power stop buying at Target, consumers do have the ability to make changes if we support our rights.

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If it's a major pain in the b**t for cashiers and a major pain in the b**t for the customers, and since they are in the business to sell items to customers, WHY IS IT SET UP THIS WAY????????? :x
D U H !!!

As a recent former Target's a major pain in the *** to ask older people for their ID...however, Target's registers have a built in ID check on certain stuff that you need to be old enough to buy. You literally can't bypass it, you either scan the ID - which reads only the birthdate, or have a supervisor come and type in their passcode to verify that you checked the birthdate.

where i worked if an older person didn't have their id, the supervisor just did the override with any old birthdate that would work.

Asking to see an ID doesn't offend me, but SCANNING it? :x
That's beyond s t u p i d and s u c k y!!

David Perry-

I know exactly what you're talking about, the Coca-Cola incident had a messed up barcode, and kept ringing up as ID necessary. Cashiers in my store were told DO NOT ask for IDs, rather call someone over to fix the problem.

Since the cashier *did* ask for your ID, chances are that the cashier was not notified of this problem, or they were from the sales floor and were up for back-up cashier, and still had no idea this was going on.


My ID was requested to buy a tiny tube of waterproof glue. The little girl at the register told me that "People do bad things with glue." Huh???


"So WHY did I have to show ID to buy Coke Products? "

Most likely because because the coke products you were referring were products to make cocaine and not the soft drink.

You are not returning because they are taking steps to protect you and those around you. Cry me a river.


So WHY did I have to show ID to buy Coke Products? 3 12-packs and they had to scan my ID? Never going there again...


Grandma I guess you've never had to run a business in the past 10 years and deal with the possibility of not being able to sell something because some bozo did something ***.


Jedi - Some, but they are definitely the minority. Complaining about having to show proof of age is a completely invalid complaint. Claiming that requiring proof of age is disrespect is plain immaturity.


let me get this straight.. you're mad at Target for doing something right? I think you had a little too much of that beer..


Be flattered that they asked you for the ID. No act your age and get over it.



Is there a poster on here who complains who does not act like tehy are five years old?


Yes, Target requires that everyone show I.D. and I'm totally in favor of that policy. Why would you have a problem proving your age? Quit making a fuss over nothing.

Actually, part of Visa's merchant agreement with stores is that they CANNOT require I.D. to make purchases with a Visa card. Look it up.

You may be 62, but you have the maturity of a 5 year old.

:cry :cry :cry
there is no way to override this in the target system; we have to scan your license. OR, you could have just stated your birthday and a manager would come over to confirm you're over 21.

don't like it? get your booze somewhere else.

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