I go to a Target up the road from my house at least once a week and every time I go, there is a horrid woman named Dawn who is constantly ruining my experience. She is always rude to guests and she is always rude to her employees.

Yesterday was no different. She scolded two young workers directly in front of me and my friend. One girl was attacked for her appearance. As I recall, Target does not discriminate against people for having tattoos and piercings.

I was mortified.

This Target has some of the hardest working people and it goes unappreciated because of horrid people like Dawn. I'd rather take my business and my friends business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Unionville, Ontario, Canada #748912

'Why would you be mortified over an employee being scolded? It isn't any of your business, unless you were being scolded.

You only know what you saw, not what went on previously. "

Well it should be done in private don't you think rather than in front of everyone.


always funny to see the ATTACKS on target customers that post. Is the CEO passing some money to them.

"The CEO of discount retailer Target Corp. received a pay package in 2010 worth $23.9 million, 83 percent more than he made in 2009"


Why would you be mortified over an employee being scolded? It isn't any of your business, unless you were being scolded.

You only know what you saw, not what went on previously.

For the previous response, if your son's ankle was so badly sprained that he couldn't walk for a little bit, he should have stayed home. Have you heard of crutches? There are people a lot worse off than your son, that might have needed one of the carts.

Actually you and your daughter exacerbated the situation with your mouths. I have been in stores and seen people using these carts like they are just plain too lazy to walk. I have also seen adults using them and giving little kids rides on them. I have seen all kinds of people shopping in stores that are limping, instead of using the carts.

Also was your son's sprain medically diagnosed, as a sprain or did he just twist it a little bit, making it sore.

When I was in college I twisted my ankle and the school nurse wouldn't even give me an excuse to miss gym class a couple days.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #746061
Me and the kids got kicked out of Target today, because my son rode in the motorized cart. An associate addressed my son getting in the cart in the front of the store as we entered and I explained he sprained his ankle she said ok, i grabbed a couple things from the display as we went past and we walked away. As we pass the video games my son goes there we go to the sporting goods section then to home looking at lamps. My son turns the corner he is being harassed by two guys one was the store manager and his associate, and we wasn't there 10 min . Really big men 6'2" or better i'm 5'0". Kept referring to us as you people. Yanking on the cart telling my son to get out of it I say excuse me I'm his mother (after I was stating his leg is sprained) He yells well I'm the store manager my daughter asked it was because he was black and he lost it (the mgr that is) face bead red. He said that's it!

Strke 1: your son would'nt get out of the cart and I asked him 3 times,

Strike 2: your daughter mouth disrespectful, (because of what she asked him)

Strike 3: Get out of my store.

As he approached me yelling. I kept asking what did we do wrong. Shut up and GET OUT before I call the police and have you arrested. He continues to yell and make a scene as they escort us out of the store as I continue to ask what did I do wrong and they made my son walk making jokes like he looks ok to me, called my daughter several a**holes, you people kill me We get to the front of the store outside as he yells GET THE F**K OFF MY PROPERTY. Well I'm in the steel yard I doubt thats all Targets Property. He told me what kind of kids was I raising they are not going to be anything. F**k me as he yells it in my face.....Lord knows what I was thinking but I kept it to myself. As I walked away, but I called Target Corperate Office and made a report :eek

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