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I live next to the Target distribution warehouse in Wilton, NY. My cat entered the premises and did not return. I asked to enter to look for her. The first security guard said I could and I did drive in at around 2pm to look for her but did not find her. I went back the next day to search again. I was told I could not enter, and that I did not enter the day before. When I told them I did enter the day before, I was told that I "was mistaken" I never entered the premises and would not be allowed to do so.

I told them My cat might have been injured and could not escape. I was told the gardeners would find her! To dispose of her! DISGUST ME!

I was told they would view their security cameras and see if a cat entered on the night in question. If they could not even determine that my car entered in broad daylight at 2pm, how could they see if a small gray cat entered at night? IDIOTS! They called me back and said they did not see any cat enter. Oh I'm sure they looked very carefully.

I can see why they have so much security around their operations. They behave hatefully and believe people want retribution.

I will never shop at Target again.

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Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608077

I have to feel for you because I am a complete and total cat lover and if my cat did what yours did, I would totally tell them to screw off and enter that center kicking and screaming to look for him. If I was the security guard I would've definitely let you look.

However, it isn't Target's fault.

The distribution centers have nothing to do with the stores in the way you're describing. I hope you found your cat!


Honestly I wouldn't have even let you look around. I would have looked myself, and reviewed footage.

That guard did you a favor.

Target has absolutely no responsibility towards your cat. You however do.


This is my first time on the website, and I'm amazed by people's ignorance. Maybe the first security guard who let you in wasn't supposed to.

Maybe he was being really nice and doing you a favor by bending the rules. And maybe the second security guard didn't know he did that. And they can't just have people driving around their warehouse. People steal stuff.

And they took the time to look at the video for you.

They didn't have to do that. Grow up.


When is it Target's responsibility to look after your pet? Maybe you should take some responsibility yourself.

Do a better job caring for your pet and this wouldn't happen.

It's probably for the best that the cat is either dead or has a new owner. The one they had clearly can't care for it.


you hateful piece of *(*%. get off this website with your useless hateful comments. you should be barred from posting.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #234157

If I was your cat I would run away too.

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