I went to Target with my 4 month old daughter and 8 year old son. I had two coupons total with me (two manufacturers and two Target coupons).

In the coupon it said one deal per customer. I wanted to do a deal for Dentyne gum and Beneful 3.5 oz dog food. In the end the two items would have costed me $1.01 with tax. My son got all excited when he found out I was buying food for our dogs and he asked me if he could do the other deal.

I said sure (I didn't see why not) I could just separate the order and let my son do the deal also. That way I didn't have to drive again to do the other deal. After all he is customer as well (he spends hundreds a year buying toys from Target a year, most with his own money that he makes selling soda). I got to the cash register and my son did the deal first.

He had the coupons ready and his $1.01. He was super excited! Then came my turn. I guess the cashier was in the middle of shift change and manager also came up.

The manager took my items from the belt and was all loud that everyone could hear. "I will not sell you these. I am not going to allow you to use your son." I was calm and I asked why not. He is a customer as well.

(At this point they have already sold the items for my son, but had a problem me buying). Everyone in the store was staring at me. I was so humiliated and embarrased. I just wanted to get out of the store.

I asked for the corporate number and left. I had tears in my eyes. I have NEVER been so embarrased in my life! My son kept asking what was wrong.

When I got to the car I called the corporate very upset. Their answer was that they would report the insident. What good that would do to me?! Next day I called the store and told them what happened.

Another manager was very sorry what had had happened to me. She told me to come back and they would give me the product. When i got back to the store, her supervisor for the young girl who treated me horribly came and spoke to me. Only thing that they did to me was apologize and SELL me the product.

I was so dissappointed. I had to drive almost 20 miles and no apologize from the girl that from day before. She probably still works from them and will never be punished for what she did.

Since then I have been too afraid to go to the Target store anymore..... Afraid that the same thing will happen again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Well that's pretty awful. They should have a clear policy, for example of disallowing children under a certain age to use coupons, or 1 coupon per adult+child.

You would have been in your right to throw a *** fit right there or smack him in the face.

I'm guessing you were not the first person to "exploit" the coupon (most of us are not exactly rich!), and this *** manager let out all his frustration on your completely innocent and reasonable interpretation of "one coupon per person". I think the customers were probably more aghast at the manager than they were at your purchase :) Quite possibly some others stopped shopping there as well.

You really need to grow up. For one thing, you violated the coupon policy.

It's people like you that give legit customers issues with coupons and abuse the system.

And you drag your son into it too. Shame on you.

Target is very strict with their coupon policy you are allowed 1 manufacture and 1 target coupon per item. Also on top of that we follow the guidelines printed on the coupon.

So if it said one per customer giving it to your son and labeling him as a separate customer will not work. You are his legal guardian and he was probably using your money to buy it and if he wasn't why would you make him use the money he earned y selling soda to buy your dog food and you gum? You were not following the guidelines so no she didn't sell you those items. She probably didn't grab them and yell at you.

And the only reason why everyone was looking at you, if they even were, was because you were crying.

Grow a pair... :)

Your 4 month old will never respect you again. In fact, I would just put that little brat up for adoption now.

Clearly your life is all downhill from here, as this experience is probably the beginning of a string of horrible instances of unnecessary embarrassment showcased on a website where we will all mock you.

Maybe they'll learn to respect you more if you can improve your spelling and grammar, though! It's worth a shot, right?


The poster doesn't even know that 2+2=4 (she had 4 coupons and claimed to have 2)

I stopped reading at that point.


YOU are the problem. You are teaching your children to cry and rant on the internet rather than standing up for yourself and demanding, in the first place, for the store to show an age poilcy on "purchases".

Your crybaby attitude is why our culture is going to *** in a handbasket.


"this story sounds exaggerated. and your son makes hundreds a year selling soda..?"

Most likely the eight year old has a drug dealing business on the side or the parent sells him to nambla members for prostitution. Or maybe he adds vodka to the soda, or perhaps it is a combination of all three.


Be honest you buy the kid's toys, I rarely see kids that young, making money on anything.


this story sounds exaggerated. and your son makes hundreds a year selling soda..?

probably stolen soda. and he excited over dog food?

are you feeding it to him? or maybe you feed him *** to the point where dog food felt like a luxury.


Also apparently you did not learn your lesson because you are obviously using your son again to make us feel sorry for you by claiming he was super excited about the deal. BS.


Well you embarrassed your son by crying like a little girl over something so silly. Also I doubt your four month knew what was going on.


I'm sure your son wanted "to do the deal". Bull.

The manager was right. You were using your son and I'm glad he called you out on it.


Well, it won't happen again unless you try the same stunt. I don't see a problem with what you were trying to do.

It is a good learning lesson to have a child make a purchase at a store and if he understood you were trying to save money even better. Teaches frugality. Your problem was getting a so-called manager who acted like a ***. If I were you, I would not worry about being afraid to go in a Target again.

Just don't go in a Target again.

They have shown they don't want your business by treating you like dirt. Go to Meijer or anywhere else.

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