I worked for Target for about three years. I worked in the Garden Center where i usually worked alone.

I was often forgotten, not allowed to take my breaks and had to request permission to go to lunch. If no one was available to relieve me and i had worked more than 6 hours i would have to sign a document explaining why i was late taking lunch and would then be told that it was my fault. Many times i would call to go to the restroom and most of the time no one would come and if they did i was usually told to take my lunch instead. While those working inside the store could take restroom breaks whenever they needed.

On numerous occassions i soiled my clothing. I was excluded from attending employee meetings so when i made a mistake without knowledge of procedure changes i would be told it was still my fault.

Target closed its garden centers because it (Target) felt that it was not generating enough sales....Wow, i wonder why? Target offers great benefits and if those benefits are worth selling your soul to satan, then you would probably like working there.

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lunch breaks are taken prior to your 5th hour, not 6th. soiled yourself? Although you worked for this company, there are certain needs you must meet for yourself, those include using the restroom if its an emergency. :sigh

Some targets still also have a garden center, along with optical, photo, pharmacy and now grocery style food aisles, refrigerator doors and all.

i agree with "Semantics" above, and if what you say is true, you need to seek legal advice and representation as what you explained happened is not only unethical but illegal.

The length of time before you take your lunch probably varies by state, as each state has its own labor laws.

I work at a store in California, and STATE law requires that we have a lunch break before 5 hours, so that is the policy that the store follows, too.

And, to the OP, it sounds like that particular store just had terrible management.

I work at a Target in a college town, so our management (and all of our employees, actually) are all really understanding and actually listen to any complaints or concerns you have.

Even our Guest Services counter is likely to be more lenient with returns, because we don't have supervisors breathing down our throats all the time stressing us out.

You should be addressing these complaints to corporate, not anonymously on the web.

Get your supervisors fired if you want results. Ranting online will do nothing.


You are supposed to take your lunch within 6 hours, not 5.


No target i know of has a garden center. And you are supposed to take your lunch within 5 hours of startig work, not 6.

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