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Okay so I tried to purchase a bed from First of all, when I emailed a picture of it to my daughter using their system, the price went up by $10.00.

That should have been my first warning. (By the way, this is a present for my 4 year old granddaughter). So I place the order on the 17th of June. Looking for an email that says the bed has been shipped...looking, looking...

so on the 22nd of June I call customer service, trying to find out when the bed will ship, be delivered, etc. They tell me, will ship tomorrow, you will get an email notification. Great! Looking forward to it!

Nothing, not a word until Monday, June 27, when I call "customer service" again. Not only can they not tell me when the bed will ship, or arrive, they CAN tell me it is too late to cancel the order! So I tell the CSR that I will never do business with Target again, totally unprofessional, blah blah. They then send me an email asking me how the service was!

Well obviously I respond. I then get a return email from an unpronounceable name that says they are sorry, they will give me 10% off my order, but can't do it until I accept delivery-which they still can't tell me...I respond and say yes I will accept the order and accept the discount, but that it is totally unacceptable to be able to keep the customer updated. So I go to my mailbox place today, June 29, where the bed was to be shipped, and guess what!

The bed had been delivered 2 days ago. So of course I run to check my online banking and of course I did not receive the discount-I am so done with this company-I love shopping in the store but will NEVER, never order anything online from them again.

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