After i cancelled an online order, Target notified me that they shipped the order and would not take steps to assist me or take any responsibility for the error. They said "oh, there's only a 30 minute window if you want to cancel an order and then there's no guarantee it will be cancelled".

There is no disclaimer to this effect on any of their websites, nor did the online rep. provide this info when i called to cancel. She assured me it would be taken care of. By default i must refuse to accept delivery from UPS, (this is a large Item), wait until it is returned to sender, and go through the complexity of waiting for various verifications so i can receive a credit to the account it was billed to.

Target's response" we are sorry we can't resolve the problem in the manner You want us to".

Target had some integrity and a good reputation at one time. Today it seems to have lost its dedication to good customer service and accountability.

I plan to boycott Target in the future and i hope they improve their online services. there's a lot of competition out there Target.....

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Actually care about what the customer wants!! Target only cares about making money.

Getting your money!! Harass you at check out so they can get some *** prizes and you get a Great CREDIT CARD (NOT) TARGETS SUCKS!!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #736668

Complete and utter bull ***. It says ON THE WEBSITE that you only have a limited time to cancel an online order and EVERY TIME I have ever ordered from Target I have received an email confirmation that clearly states I only have 30 minutes to cancel.

to sessa Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #736924

Complete and utter bull ***.

Target took my money employing the old "bait and switch" on the merchandise I thought I had purchased.

Target simply wants your money. After they get your money, they will NOT help you if you encounter a problem.

The target of Target stores is your wallet and your back. They will aim at both.

And that, Sessa, is NO BULL ***.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #736607

Here is yet another dissatisfied Target customer!

Whether someone shops with the brick and mortar Target stores or the on-line stores of Target, they get the same treatment should they encounter a problem with any purchase. (And believe me, the problem doesn't matter). And, that treatment is - no help.

Customer satisfaction is non-existent with Target.

A boycott against Target is a good first step. I, too, boycotted Target several years ago, and have even convinced all my family, friends and co-workers to avoid any contact with the Target stores. That might be a good next step for you - to tell everyone how Target mistreated you, didn't resolve your problem or have any concern about your finances.

Thanks for your warning. This will be very helpful to many, many people especially with the upcoming holidays in making decisions about where they should shop.

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