We bought my son a bed on back in December and it arrived heavily damaged. So, we packed it all up and sent it back.

It has been weeks now and my refund has not shown up on my bank statement so I decided to follow up by calling customer service. Because I chose to use Paypal as my form of payment, they are considered a third party and it is Target policy to ONLY issue a Target GC as a refund. I got nowhere on the phone this morning and was given the "You should have read the policy before choosing my payment method speech" from the supervisor. She told me I could voice my complaint with Corp.

but, oh, you can only do that by sending an email. There is no Corp. direct number to call.

How is this legal?

I am beyond mad about this. This is a lot of money!

Reason of review: Because of your misleading, deceptive and ilegal bussiness practices..

Monetary Loss: $922.

Preferred solution: A full refund issued to my Paypal account or certified check via mail. I used Paypal because of your company's breech of sercurity regarding customer's credit cards in the past and you offered this way as a form of payment. Completely misleading..

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1101727

...You should have read the refund policies when using Paypal before choosing it as your payment method. It clearly states that you will receive a refund in form of a target gift card.

Sorry you didn't pay attention and do no want to take any responsibility for your error.

to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #1101741

Why don't you just shut up. Do you know how mad I was.

I was so mad that when my son came home late from school I started hitting him, punching him ect.

The next day I tried to hide the bruises but his teacher saw them and reported me to social services, and you know what they did, they put him in foster care. Now I have to go to a store that I don not like going to because of this bad experience, a store that broke up my family.

to Anonymous #1101744

You know what this is their fault not mine. This incident made me so angry that when my son came home from school late, I lost it.

I started hitting him, punching him. I tried covering up the bruises I left, but his teacher noticed them and called CPS on me.

Now he is in a foster home. I now have to go back to a store that I don not want to to spend my gift card, a store that tore apart my family.

to onemadas***redhead #1111675

This is not my comment. My account has been hacked on here.

to onemadashellredhead #1111791

Of course your account was "hacked". You just don't like people telling you off and I hope you never have your son returned to your home.

to onemadashellredhead #1241816

cry me a river

to Anonymous #1109720

Sometimes I wonder if the people posting on here even know how to read? When the return policy is clearly stated, and they don't follow it, and complain it makes me wonder.

to Anonymous #1110058

I wonder if some of the people posting even know how to read?

to Anonymous #1110059

Sorry I meant that comment to people posting reviews, not to you. I often see people getting upset because they did not read the return policy which is clearly written when you purchase the product.

I wonder if some of the people who post feedback to companies, if they even know how to comprehend what they read. This issue would have been avoided if they could comprehend what they have read.

At least this person is not mistaking being told no as rude behavior. We often get people here who confuse being told no as rudeness.

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