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I ordered holiday cards on December 20th and today January 7th and I still have not received them. I called customer service and after being hung up on twice I finally got a hold of someone.

She said she was confused on why I did not get my order and would call me back. She never did. I finally got a hold of another person and after I asked for my money back he said, "okay but it'll take 7-10 business days. Anything else I can help you with?" No questions.

No apology.

F-U Target. I'll never again shop there.

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Saint Helena, California, United States #772026
Again I will admit I don't know how Ip address work. SEriously I am just a 17 year old trying to get shared custody of Riley.

Like I said Riley was never taken away from me. She is currently living with her grandparents on my boyfriend's side. I am willing to drop out of school and jeoperdize my education to take care of Riley. I made one mistake, of leaving her in the car while shopping because I wanted to shop in peace and my boyfriend and his parents are using that to get Riley from me.

I still need one more court date before they take Riley from me fully.
I don't know how someone else is using my username, but there is one comment posted under my username that I did not post. If it is on the same computer perhaps my ex boyfriend broke into my house and posted it, perhaps he made a copy of my keys or something, but I did not post it.
This site is for sharing your stories, and I am being attacked and ridiculed. I am being harassed. My boyfriend possibly broke into my house and typed that message about Riley being taken away from me.

My boyfriend breaks into houses and he is safer for Riley. I think not. I hope I get full custody of her so I can tell her how bad her daddy is.

You guys may not believe me, but that is the truth. Again, I am going to stop posting here because all those who reply are idiots who like to harass people.
Saint Helena, California, United States #771617

well I don't understand what is going on. I did not write about my daughter being taken away. I have no idea why or how another person is using my name.

Doesn't matter though. This site isn't worth fighting over.

I'd like to no longer be apart of this negativity.


to Rileysmom328 Dumas, Mississippi, United States #771846

Why should we believe you. You lied to us several times.

First you said that some particular poster worked at Target. That turned out to be a lie. Then you said you won't be replying back and you replied back four or five times. Seriously how many more lies did you tell us.

Also genius like another poster said you obviously don't know how IP addreses work. If you had known you would not think that an IP address would be the same if someone is in the same city and state than you. So before you go around making a further fool of yourself, you should know that each IP address is different. It is like a telephone number, not a zip code.

You don't have the same telephone number as our ex, neither do you have the same IP address. Just like a telephone number they are all different. So before you go around making anymore lies get your facts straight, because with each lie you are making yourself look more and more foolish.

No one is copying your username. That is a very good excuse for when you post something foolish.

The best thing would be to admit you were wrong instead of claiming others are wrong.

I have contacted the mods about this and they have confirmed you are the same person and made that post about having Riley taken away from you.

Kocser, Pest, Hungary #771595

Don't fall for this guys. This is one of the troll Riley's friends posting.

Clearly this person is not the mother of a nine month old. A nine month old needs constant care and attention and she spends too much time online than with her fake made up child.


Well your son Riley posted rude and hurtful comments towards someone who is having a hard time going through Chemo when they complained about Kmart. Did he apologize for that?

to Anonymous Saint Helena, California, United States #771250

first, my DAUGHTER Riley....2nd, what?? Kmart?

you have the wrong person. My Daughter is only 9months old.

I doubt she can use the computer....and if she can, we have a Stewie from Family Guy on our hands. Which is actually pretty cool.

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #771348

Yeah Stewie is a genius but he is also a badass. :D

Also to the other poster. Yeah Riley is rude, but you are aware there is more than one Riley in the world right?

Rileymom welcome to the forum. Just be prepared to be trolled, impersonated, ridiculed, harassed, stalked e ect here because that is really what happens sometimes unfortunately.

to Anonymous Saint Helena, California, United States #771344

Anyways they took Riley away from me because of the stress of dealing with my daughter. I got upset at her for crying so I left her in the car at Target and they called the police on me and she was taken away from me.

I did not want to carry an infant in the store with me.

So that is another reason I hate Target. Someone from Target called the police on me so I am really angry at Target right now.

to Rileysmom328 Ashburn, Virginia, United States #771572

is there another Rileysmom328? I'm confused about the previous post.

I never had my daughter taken from me.

I think I'm going to leave this site.

to Rileysmom328 #771594

You might as well leave this site. You are clearly a liar.

You told everyone that I worked at Target. That is a lie, I don't. How do we know that you are telling the truth here when you already lied and told everyone I work at Target.

Your mother should have taught you along time ago not to lie because eventually when you tell the truth no one will believe you. You may be telling the truth here, you may not be, but what guarantee is there that that you are telling the truth when you are spreading lies that a total stranger is working at Target without proof.


Ha, if you are upset because someone did not say "sorry" to you you have more issues than this.

to Anonymous Saint Helena, California, United States #771251

I honestly am not all made I did not receive an apology more then not getting my order.

I work with the public and it's common courtesy as well as good customer service to apologize.

That's all.

you must work for Target.

to Anonymous Saint Helena, California, United States #771252

Plus, I thought this was a website to vent....not get ridiculed.

to Anonymous #771347

Are you sure you are someone's mother. Only a six year old would assume that because someone makes a statement defending a company they work for the company.

You deserve to be ridiculed if you assume someone works for Target because they made a statement. Perhaps you do have issues like that person said if you are offended because of what someone posted. Because they posted something you like. I wish your daughter the best of luck, because she is going to need it with you as her mother.

Perhaps you are complaining about Target because you are a disgruntled employee.

It is the same as your childish assumption that because someone defends a company they work there. Make a fool of yourself and get ridiculed.

to Poor Riley Saint Helena, California, United States #771577

wow. you people have nothing better to do.

I'm sorry for you.

to Anonymous Anoka, Minnesota, United States #771598

That is a lie. I don't work for Target. If you are lying that you are probably lying about other things, like not posting reply about Riley being removed from you.

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