I can only say I will NEVER go to the Munster Indiana Target Store again. They are rude incompatent life threating bunch of ignorant people this side of ***.

The pharmacist refused to assist me with my wife's medications on saturday august 8, 2009. My wife is wheelchair bound, blind, accute diabetic with numorous other medical problems and unable to handle her own affairs. After buying other medications, consultations as to their use etc The parmacists decided I and my daughter were no longer permitted to obtain, ask questions or any other information concerning my wife's medication needs.

As a result, my wife did NOT get her medicine needed. These people should be terminated jeprodizing her health.

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AJ is correct. He is not making this up.

He probably was assisting you until he was finally coached for doing it then stopped. Also, with all of the issues your relative has, I think it would save you alot of money if you just put her down... She is worthless to society.

She is not working, not contributing to the economy, then she needs to be put down. My tax dollars will not go toward some wrinkled up hag to continue breathing my air.


As a pharmacy technician I know that it is illegal per HIPAA laws to discuss another person's conditions/medications unless they are your child and under 18 years of age or you have power of attorney over the person. If you had power of attorney over your wife then the pharmacist would be able to discuss this with you.

If you wife were present and had given her consent the pharmacist could also discuss this with you. I understand that sometimes the person who's medications are being filled at a pharmacy has no idea what they are for or when they should take them but while a pharmacist may try to help the law will prevent them from doing many things.

It is unfortunate because there are many situations like yours that occur where you are trying to help someone else but the pharmacist's license would be in danger if they helped you. Also, HIPAA allows excessive legal action to be taken against the pharmacist and he/she could lose their license, pay a fine or worse things.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #66325

it sounds like you are making this up. between my husband and i we have 4 prescriptions. they have always been courteous and have answered any questions i have.


Quote = ETL "Team Members at Target are not rude for no reason".

Did you mean not rude for any reason? I thought to be an ETLs required basic education and English language skills?

A good TM deflects a difficult guest. However, when any guest raises their voice, uses profane language, or talks over me I radio for the GSTL or LOD to take care of it. If it gets out of hand the TPS uniforms are radioed next. Repeat offenders have been banned from our store.


I work at Target. Most likely, the pharmacist had a reason for not assisting you.

Either he was out going on break, you were rude first, or what you are saying has been fabricated. Team Members at Target are not rude for no reason.


Did you bring this issue to the attention of the store manager? At the time of the incident? What did they say?

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